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Wilson Combat Sentinel XL Sub-compact 1911 Pistol

Berryville, AR -( Wil­son Com­bat Intro­duces the Sen­tinel XL, avail­able in 45, 9mm, and 38 Super.

All sea­soned con­cealed car­ri­ers know one sim­ple fact-the grip of any hand­gun is always the most dif­fi­cult part to con­ceal.

Wilson Combat Sentinel XL Sub-compact 1911 Pistol

Wil­son Com­bat has com­bined our 4” Com­pact top end with our exclu­sive Sen­tinel sub-com­pact frame to cre­ate a unique every­day car­ry cus­tom hand­gun– the Sen­tinel XL. The Sen­tinel XL has the small­est 1911 grip avail­able, with the enhanced prac­ti­cal accu­ra­cy and reli­a­bil­i­ty a Com­pact slide offers.

The reduced-height Sen­tinel frame is ½” short­er than our stan­dard Com­pact, and when mat­ed with the ultra slim G-10 grips is well suit­ed to shoot­ers who pre­fer a small­er hand­gun. The con­ceal­ment grip safety/hammer and round butt main­spring hous­ing select­ed for the Sen­tinel XL gives you a real advan­tage when it comes to dai­ly car­ry and shoot­ing com­fort.

Even though the Sen­tinel XL is designed for con­ceal­ment, the pre­cise­ly-fit­ted slide, frame and 4” match grade bar­rel will give you the down­range per­for­mance you expect from a Wil­son Com­bat cus­tom pis­tol. A host of prac­ti­cal and cos­met­ic touch­es will make this one of your favorite car­ry guns.

The 4” Com­pact slide allows the Sen­tinel XL to be offered in 9mm, .38 Super and .45 ACP cal­ibers for a bal­lis­tic advan­tage over many sub­com­pact hand­guns.

About Wil­son Com­bat:

Since 1977 Wil­son Com­bat has been the lead­ing inno­va­tor in high-per­for­mance, cus­tom 1911 hand­guns, tac­ti­cal long guns and acces­sories. A Wil­son Com­bat product’s unmatched lev­el of excep­tion­al reli­a­bil­i­ty and peer­less crafts­man­ship is only equaled by our leg­endary cus­tomer ser­vice.

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