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Able Ammo Store Visit and Review

Today I had an oppor­tu­ni­ty to head down to Able Ammo (Able’s Sports Inc.) in Huntsville, TX. FOr gun guys, you know how this goes.

Able’s was one of the places I found online years ago and have always want­ed to vis­it. It’s kind of like Day­tona or Indi­anapo­lis for old-school race fans. You want to vis­it the places that draw you more into your hob­by or in my case, call­ing.

After leav­ing Flori­da post Hur­ri­cane Irma and mov­ing to Texas, there are quite a few places I want­ed to vis­it. Able’s was at the top of that list.

I actu­al­ly did have a pur­pose for going down today and that was to pick up some­thing I was excit­ed about (post com­ing soon). Two birds, one short dri­ve as it were.

Store Tour Of Able Ammo In Huntsville Texas

When you pull in, you know there is a lot more going on here than most reg­u­lar mini-mall store­fronts. It’s off the path a piece and sur­round­ed by beau­ti­ful East Texas land. Just to let you know you got there, you’ll see a fine flag­pole point­ing the way from the road. Like­wise to remind you you are in Texas, you’ll see the Lone Star Flag hoist­ed just below ‘Ole Glo­ry.

There are nice gun stores and then a Nice Gun Stores. Able’s hits that sec­ond emphat­ic cat­e­go­ry. The place is beau­ti­ful. It’s clean. It is not cramped at all. The park­ing lot was about 3/4 full when I got there and there was plen­ty of room in the store.

After a brief wait to get to the counter, I met up with Mike who was my sales­man. I told him why I was there and he was on the ball. He already had every­thing ready to go for me. Quick form to fill out and I was all set. Then we got a few min­utes to chat.

Let’s just say that every­one I met while I was there was extreme­ly nice and gen­er­ous with their time. Smiles all the way around. In my mind, as some­one who has worked in a retail sit­u­a­tion in my younger years, all these peo­ple actu­al­ly looked like they want­ed to be there. They were engaged and were quick to offer assis­tance or just answer ques­tions. When is the last time you went into a store of any kind and the folks work­ing there were actu­al­ly hap­py not only to help you, but to be where they were? I know right? It’s hard to imag­ine.

Back to Mike, we talked about a few guns and parts, some low­ers we either should have bought or regret­ted buy­ing and the store in gen­er­al. He was most help­ful. I got to take a look at a few items I hadn’t seen in per­son yet and he was quick with answers about the guns in stock. All-around great guy.

If you don’t know much about Able’s they are huge online. They can get you just about any­thing and their prices are very fair. What’s more impres­sive is their on-hand inven­to­ry. By the way, if you’re a Kim­ber fan, they have just about every Kim­ber in exis­tence. All the oth­er brands are ful­ly rep­re­sent­ed and they have a few STI’s in stock to drool over if you’re in the mar­ket.

Oh and for those of you who are into B&T prod­ucts, I’m just going to drop this here for you. Again this is one of the dream guns that I hadn’t seen in per­son and now I think I have to get one.

The inven­to­ry for every­thing is impres­sive. There are enough unique items in-store to keep even the most jad­ed gun-guys/­gals enter­tained.

Able’s also has a great set of out­door ranges avail­able. If you live close enough, buy the mem­ber­ship. If you are going to be vis­it­ing the area, make sure you head out on a Sat­ur­day when the range(s) are open to the pub­lic.

Here is a cap­ture of their range brochure:

Able Ammo range brochure and pricing guide.

Able Ammo range brochure and pric­ing guide. This place is huge.

If you’re a gun geek like me and look­ing for new shops or places to vis­it, be sure to add Able Ammo to your list. If you’re in the area vis­it­ing be sure to stop by. You will be impressed with the peo­ple, the store and the grounds. I can’t wait to go back.

Give them a call if you need a hard to find part: 936–295-5786

Editor’s Rating

Appear­ance 98%
Stock On Hand 95%
Pric­ing 85%
Staff 100%
Fea­tures 96%
AbleAm­mo Store Review Huntsville, TX
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