Unsung Hero: #Mossberg #MVP-LC .308

For many shoot­ers look­ing to get into the dis­tance game the choice is easy. Drop a lot of coin. A lot alot.

If you spend any amount of time on shoot­ing forums, you’ll get opin­ion after opin­ion on the best round, the best chas­sis, the best man­u­fac­tur­ers and the list goes on. Dis­tance shoot­ing is a blend of per­fect­ed sci­ence, proven equip­ment, ammu­ni­tion spec­i­fi­ca­tions, weath­er, a bit of dumb luck and most of all straight out skill. This of course is the gener­ic descrip­tion of com­po­nents need­ed and again, the forums will cor­rect you imme­di­ate­ly for mis-speak­ing, mis-stat­ing or often times just ask­ing what they think is a dumb ques­tion. I prob­a­bly ask more than most. But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t learn any­thing in terms I can under­stand.

I am not a dis­tance shoot­er. I will nev­er be a dis­tance shoot­er in the way those folks are. There­fore, I will not be spon­sored and receive a $9,000 rifle, nor will I be spend­ing even $3,000 of my own dol­lars to buy the right ball to play on their play­ground.

What I will do how­ev­er, is scour the Inter­net for a ridicu­lous amount of hours to find a rifle that is in my price range, has some (if not most) of the fea­tures I want­ed, read and reread the specs, look up exist­ing reviews, watch videos, make a fool of myself on above men­tioned forums ask­ing dumb ques­tions and then spend the same amount of time look­ing for the absolute best deal I can find. On top of all of that, I will then decide how I can save mon­ey and still end up with the same thing or bet­ter. I guess I’m a key­board masochist and not in the good, fun kind of way.

After all of my search­ing I found the Moss­berg MVP LC. It is offered in both NATO 5.56 and 7.62 (308) ver­sions. It uti­lizes the proven MVP bolt design that has been well received and enjoyed by hunters for years and seemed like a great option for me. I have and do own sev­er­al oth­er Moss­berg rifles and shot­guns and nev­er had an issue with any of them. Like­wise, Moss­berg is a tra­di­tion in the U.S., has a tremen­dous his­to­ry and offers a war­ran­ty they stand behind.


Off-the-shelf ammu­ni­tion for every­day needs.

Many shoot­ers will tell you if you want to get effec­tive­ly to 1000 yards, you should be shoot­ing the 6.5 Creed­moor. Then there will be a whole bunch of opin­ions telling them how wrong and idi­ot­ic they are. If Moss­berg offered that as an option I may have pur­chased that mod­el, but for the few times a year I will actu­al­ly go to a range that is over 600 yards, I decid­ed the 7.62 would be per­fect for my needs. I will not be con­coct­ing a spe­cial hand-load to max­i­mize any­thing, no I will be pur­chas­ing what­ev­er is avail­able, off the shelf on my way to the range. This time it was Win­ches­ter Super X 150 Grain Pow­er-Point and PPU Bul­let Thun­der 170 Grain. Range report will be a dif­fer­ent arti­cle.



Some specs about the Mossberg MVP LC:

  • The patent­ed MVP bolt design com­pat­i­ble with stan­dard AR mag­a­zines (AR15, LR308/SR25)
  • Fea­tures the MDT LSS light chas­sis alu­minum stock
  • Mil­spec Mag­pul CTR Adjustable LOP Stock with A-frame pro­file to reduce snag­ging for height adjust­ment
  • Offered with either a 16.25” (5.56mm NATO) or 18.5” (7.62mm NATO) thread­ed bar­rel with thread cap includ­ed
  • Silencer Co Sak­er Tri­fec­ta muz­zle­brake
  • Patent­ed LBA adjustable trig­ger sys­tem
  • Over­sized bolt han­dle
  • Picatin­ny rail
  • Cald­well adjustable bipod
  • Option­al Vor­tex Viper HS-T 4x zoom and MRAD ret­i­cle (Rings includ­ed)

I opt­ed to get the mod­el with­out the Vor­tex Viper includ­ed. The rifle alone has a MSRP of $1365.00 vs. $1995.00 with the Vor­tex. Street prices are between $1000- $1450. Like I men­tioned above, I was able to find the best deal I could at the time and let’s just say I did alright.

Primary Arms ACSS HUD

Pri­ma­ry Arms ACSS HUD

The rifle alone is fine, but with­out a scope, I would have had bet­ter luck run­ning at what I want­ed to hit and swing­ing the rifle at it. I was able to save a few extra bucks and I pur­chased the Pri­ma­ry Arms 4–14x44 FFP ACSS HUD and paired it with a set of Warne rings.





Some specs about the Primary Arms scope:

  • Mag­ni­fi­ca­tion: 4–14X44
  • Ret­i­cle: ACSS HUD DMR .308/.223
  • Focal Plane: First focal plane
  • Exit Pupil: 11.2 mm to 3.3 mm
  • Eye Relief: 80 mm to 82 mm
  • Field of View: 27.2 to 7.85 feet at 100 yards
  • Click Val­ue: .1 MIL
  • TAV
    • Windage: 30 MIL
    • Ele­va­tion: 30 MIL
  • Par­al­lax Adjust­ment: 10 Yards — Inifin­i­ty
  • Shock­proof rat­ing: 1000g, 20 times
  • Water­proof: 11°C, 0.25 m, 3 min/ 52°F, 10″, 3 min
  • Main mate­r­i­al: Alu­minum
  • Illu­mi­na­tion: 6 Set­tings
  • Bat­tery: CR2032
  • Tube size: 30mm
  • Length: 330 mm / 13 in.
  • Weight: 690 g / 24 oz.
  • Nitro­gen purged
  • Mul­ti­coat­ed to pre­vent glare
  • Par­tial ret­i­cle illu­mi­na­tion
  • Mat­te anodized black fin­ish
  • Three year war­ran­ty

So over­all, not a bad set­up for some­one look­ing to play around in the dis­tance shoot­ing realm with­out break­ing the bank.

One of the things that can’t be over­looked on the MVP-LC is the LBA trig­ger. It can be adjust­ed from 3–7 lbs. I set mine to 3.5lbs. It is crisp, breaks incred­i­bly clean and deliv­ers exact­ly when you expect it to. Moss­berg has real­ly devel­oped a great trig­ger sys­tem.

My General Review:

The build of the Moss­berg MVP LC is out­stand­ing. Fit and fin­ish are per­fect. My rifle with the scope and a full mag­a­zine weighs in at 11.4 lbs. which is pret­ty light con­sid­er­ing some of the tra­di­tion­al stock rifles will hit clos­er to 14–15lbs. The bar­rel is heavy and floats com­plete­ly free from the MDT LSS chas­sis. The MDT is a dis­tin­guished fea­ture to have. It pro­vides the high-end look of com­pe­ti­tion rifles in the wal­let friend­ly pack­age. I real­ly like the fact that you can use stan­dard Mag­pul mag­a­zines. I did swap out the Mag­pul MOE grip for an ERGO Tac Deluxe because it has a fat­ter swell on both side of the grip and offers me bet­ter con­trol. The stan­dard AR stock tube and Mag­pul butt­stock are fine, although I might swap the butt­stock out in the future for some­thing with a lit­tle more adjust­ment like the LUTH AR.

A better option for the Mossberg MVP LC may be the LUTH AR Adjustable buttstock.

A bet­ter option for the Moss­berg MVP LC may be the LUTH AR Adjustable butt­stock.

As I men­tioned above, the trig­ger sys­tem is ide­al. I didn’t need to adjust it much. It breaks exact­ly when you think it will there­fore you aren’t as prone to jerk­ing the trig­ger. Recoil is slight even though the MVP LC is a lighter rifle. That is unless you’re a reporter for the New York Dai­ly News. If that is the case, this rifle will put you straight into a coma. But enough about that lit­tle girl.

Primary Arms ACSS HUD Reticle

Pri­ma­ry Arms ACSS HUD Ret­i­cle

Pair­ing the MVP LC with the Pri­ma­ry Arms scope was a per­fect com­bi­na­tion once you take the 15 min­utes need­ed to under­stand the ACSS HUD ret­i­cle. Pri­ma­ry Arms has sev­er­al videos to teach you how to read and adjust your shoot­ing style to most effec­tive­ly use their scope.

The Cald­well bipod pre­forms ade­quate­ly. Not more to be said about that.

One very nice fea­ture is the Silencer Co Sak­er Tri­fec­ta muz­zle­break. You can quick­ly and eas­i­ly match it with the Silencer Co Sak­er sup­pres­sor to save your ears and not piss off hunters or neigh­bors.

The MVP LC isn’t exact­ly what I would call com­fort­able to shoot while stand­ing up. This is where the light weight of the chas­sis is very notice­able. For me, it didn’t have enough heft to real­ly ever just sit there. The actu­al shape of the chas­sis prob­a­bly lends to this as well. You can’t real­ly get a great pur­chase on it.

How­ev­er, shoot­ing at a table or prone, or even stand­ing while the rifle is rest­ing on the bipod feet proves very sta­ble and reli­able.

Over­all, accu­ra­cy is excep­tion­al. I shot at 300 yards and after dial­ing in the Pri­ma­ry Arms ACSS HUD, I was sat­is­fied with 2″ groups. If I had spent more time dial­ing in the scope I may have done bet­ter. When I have a chance to go to a longer range I will def­i­nite­ly be doing that. I would like to get to a 1000 yard range to see what, if any­thing I could do. I’m guess­ing my game runs out around 700 or 800 yards though.

Final Word:

The Moss­berg MVP LC is an phe­nom­e­nal rifle. For the bud­get con­scious shoot­er, look­ing to get into the longer ranges, have a great look­ing rifle and not break the bank, this should be at the top of your list. If, as the forum shoot­ers say about the 6.5 Creed­moor being a far supe­ri­or dis­tance round is true, I would love to see Moss­berg offer that as an option or even a 300 Win Mag. For the shoot­er like me who is look­ing for an extra rifle to go to the range and shoot just to improve accu­ra­cy at dis­tance, again you should be con­sid­er­ing this as the option to take a very, very long look at.


Editor’s Rating

Accu­ra­cy 9.8
Fea­tures 9.1
Price 9.9
Appear­ance 9.0
Our review of the Moss­berg MVP LC
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