Top 5 Reasons Why People Love To Own Their Own AR-15

Amer­i­cans love our AR-15s. Among gun advo­cates, they’re one of the most pop­u­lar firearms on the mar­ket and for very good rea­son. Regard­less of what your rea­son­ing behind own­ing a firearm is, the AR-15 fits the bill and will not dis­ap­point. Here are five rea­sons why.

1.) They’re perfect for home defense

With its clean accu­ra­cy and pis­tol-grip, the AR-15 is a log­i­cal choice for a home pro­tec­tion firearm. When tim­ing is every­thing, it’s extreme­ly impor­tant to have a weapon that one can aim quick­ly and fire effi­cient­ly. That describes the AR-15 to a T.

2.) Hunters and farmers utilize them well

AR-15s are extreme­ly pop­u­lar among hunters and farmers,mostly due to how well-round­ed they are. Instead of tot­ing around mul­ti­ple firearms, those ven­tur­ing around the woods can sim­ply car­ry the AR-15, which can be used to pro­tect your­self and live­stock from any preda­tors that may be lurk­ing around. Even though une­d­u­cat­ed lib­er­als claim that AR-15s aren’t hunt­ing rifles, they’re a favorite for many deer hunters.

3.) They’re an excellent choice for beginners seeking gun education

Despite being labeled as a dan­ger­ous killing machine, the AR-15 is an excel­lent rifle for begin­ners. There’s lit­tle kick and not much of a learn­ing curve, mak­ing it an unin­tim­i­dat­ing and valu­able firearm for those who may not have the strength or grip need­ed to accu­rate­ly fire a high­er-pow­ered rifle. Chil­dren as young as sev­en have been known to fire the AR-15 accu­rate­ly and effi­cient­ly.

4.) Their light weight makes them a smart choice for women and the elderly

Due to its light weight and small kick, the AR-15 is the per­fect choice for those with small­er frames, such as women and the elder­ly. Don’t let its intim­i­dat­ing appear­ance fool you, this is a firearm that can be used by any­one.

5.) They’re easy to use and have wonderful accuracy

It can’t be over­stat­ed: the AR-15 is extreme­ly accu­rate. This is per­haps the most impor­tant trait of any firearm, and it’s one of the top rea­sons the AR-15 is such a pop­u­lar choice. You know when you pull the trig­ger, the bul­let is going to fire in the direc­tion you intend­ed. No mat­ter what firearm you’re oper­at­ing, that is absolute­ly inte­gral.

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