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The Streisand Effect in Brilliant 3D — Information Is Free

The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.

The recent deci­sion to yet again cen­sor Defence Dis­trib­uted and DEFCAD.org have made this a neces­si­ty in terms of the cor­rect appli­ca­tion of the 1st Amend­ment.

Accord­ing to David French from the Nation­al Review:

If there’s a hall of fame for futile, sym­bol­ic, and ulti­mate­ly uncon­sti­tu­tion­al fed­er­al court orders, the tem­po­rary restrain­ing order just issued in Seat­tle block­ing Defense Dis­trib­uted and the Sec­ond Amend­ment Foun­da­tion from post­ing blue­prints for 3D-print­ed guns deserves at least a plaque, if not a full dis­play. The court’s order tem­porar­i­ly over­turns a Trump admin­is­tra­tion legal set­tle­ment that reversed an Oba­ma-era pol­i­cy designed main­ly to lim­it the spread of the rel­e­vant files abroad, not here at home.

The infor­ma­tion is already in the wild, run­ning free. It is prob­a­bly right in front of you, if you just look for it.

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