The Sbr Process How to: A-Z (or, finally finishing the article from last year) Part 1

Ahh­hh.… remem­ber when? There is a lot of inter­est in get­ting through the hoops and hur­dles of either buy­ing or build­ing your own SBR. Our pre­vi­ous post is our sec­ond most viewed on the site. That tells us that peo­ple are more inter­est­ed than ever in com­pact free­dom dis­pensers. We couldn’t agree more with all of you. Once you get through the process, which let’s face it, real­ly isn’t that dif­fi­cult, it real­ly does just become an exer­cise in patience.

We, specif­i­cal­ly me, thought this would be a great time to final­ly knock out the sec­ond part to this arti­cle con­sid­er­ing I had good rea­son to. Last week I did my civic duty and went to vote ear­ly and while I was at city hall, after cast­ing a straight par­ty red tsuna­mi tick­et, I strolled over to get my fin­ger prints done on my cards from the ATF. You see, SBRs are like pota­to chips. You can’t have just one.

So let’s begin at the begin­ning. Your very first point of action will be to either find and print the doc­u­ments you need from the ATF (links pro­vid­ed below) or vis­it and request to have the offi­cial doc­u­ments mailed to you. Now, if you are form­ing a trust, you will have a few oth­er steps to go through. This arti­cle is meant for the indi­vid­ual to go through the process. If you are try­ing to get obtain a gun trust, you will more than like­ly pay a ser­vice to fill out your paper­work. Again, this is meant for the indi­vid­ual.

Vis­it the ATF web site: Dis­tri­b­u­tion Cen­ter Order Form and fill out the online form. You will need to iden­ti­fy the forms you need.

  1. ATF Form 1 (5320.1) – Appli­ca­tion to Make and Reg­is­ter a Firearm, as revised in August 2017; and
  2. ATF Form 23 (5320.23) – Nation­al Firearms Act (NFA) Respon­si­ble Per­son Ques­tion­naire, as revised in May 2016.
  3. Fin­ger Print Cards (FD-258)
  4. Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion of Com­pli­ance with 18 U.S.C. 922

Fill­ing out the Form 1 is very straight for­ward. All of the direc­tions are pro­vid­ed with­in the pack­et. The one ques­tion I have had more often than not though is Sec­tion (i) State Why You Intend To Make Firearm. I wrote in “Any and All Law­ful Pur­pos­es” as my answer and that was okey-dokey with them.

You will also need to go get two copies of pass­port pho­tos made. You could go to most Post Offices, but I found the quick­est way was to go to CVS and in 5 min­utes I had my pho­tos in my hand.

Speak­ing of copies, you’ll notice you have to send copies of every­thing to the ATF. Thank­ful­ly the pro­vide you with as many forms as you’d like. Believe it or not, the forms are one of the few things you can get for free from the gov­ern­ment.

So, fill every­thing out, attach your pic­tures, write a check for $200, stuff it all in an enve­lope and get ready to mail it of. It should go with­out men­tion­ing here that you will either need at bare min­i­mum a stripped low­er receiv­er or an 80% receiv­er that you will be engrav­ing with mak­ers marks and a ser­i­al num­ber. You will have to include the infor­ma­tion on your form 1 either way you are choos­ing to go.

Alright, we’re clos­ing in here. Check, check again and triple check you have every­thing stuffed into your enve­lope. Thank­ful­ly you no longer have to a CLEO (chief law enforce­ment offi­cer) sign-off before send­ing your appli­ca­tion and get­ting you approved Form 1 back in the mail, but there are forms you will need to fill out and drop off with your Police or Sher­iff (or Con­sta­ble) leet­ing them know that you have sent in your paper­work. The good news is, depend­ing on where you live and exact­ly how lib­er­al your area, the CLEO can’t hold up the process as they could before. You are now mere­ly show­ing them a cour­tesy of let­ting them know.

With all that done, seal up your legal size mani­la enve­lope and drop that suck­er in the mail. Now comes the fun part. You have just bought your­self about 8 months of free time to go to the range, almost have a child (or fin­ish that process if one is already bak­ing), clean your oth­er guns, but new guns, read more of my snark here on Reload­One. Let’s face it. You have time to do any­thing your want. Just try not to serve any sort of prison sen­tence.

Once you have giv­en up all hope of ever hear­ing back from the ATF, wait some more. You will know that they did receive your pack­age with­in about two weeks of you send­ing it because they will cash your check. That is lit­er­al­ly the only thing that will pro­vide you with any infor­ma­tion over this peri­od of time. They want them dol­lar bills ya’ll! Let’s remem­ber, this is a bull­shit tax any­way, made up by politi­cians just to screw over those of us who are ACTUALLY law abid­ing cit­i­zen and sta­tis­ti­cal­ly the least like­ly to use a gun in a crime. But I digress.…

One thing I did the first time going through the process was vis­it NFA­Track­er (pro­vid­ed by Silencer­Co) every week or so to see if the wait times were improv­ing. They weren’t. Although the best news was that the Form 1 Indi­vid­ual seemed and still does take much less time than a Trust. So yay for that.

After about 7.75 months I was hap­pi­ly sur­prised when pick­ing up the mail to dis­cov­er my pack­et from the ATF. Last thing you need to do, or don’t do, hon­est­ly I have no idea on this one, is get your receiv­er engraved. There is such a heat­ed debate between guys who both know some­one in the ATF who have giv­en con­flict­ing infor­ma­tion about this step that I have no idea who is right. Call­ing the ATF will not pro­vide you with answers either. If you call twice you’ll get two dif­fer­ent answers.

From what I can tell, 80% (or sim­i­lar) receiv­er obvi­ous­ly have to be engraved with a mak­ers name, city, state and ser­i­al num­ber. We all know this. But what real­ly is under scruti­ny is whether of not a receiv­er you are mak­ing into an SBR by fill­ing out the paper­work has to be engraved. The schools of thought are once you go through the process, you are now the man­u­fac­tur­er, regard­less if you only put a real stock on it or you built if from parts. Oth­ers will tell you that if you are using the ser­i­al num­ber from the orig­i­nal man­u­fac­tur­er on your paper­work, you do not need to have the SBR engraved while it belongs to you. In this case, you would only have to engrave it with your infor­ma­tion if you sell it.

Now, I don’t know which one is true or cor­rect. Like I said, the camp site is divid­ed on this one and each side has a spokesman who will show­case his author­i­ty of under­stand­ing as often and loud­ly as pos­si­ble.

So, I got mine engraved any­way, just in case. Safe not sor­ry.


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