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The AR-15 Is Actually Just The Modern Musket


With all the crit­i­cism that the Sec­ond Amend­ment of the Unit­ed States Con­sti­tu­tion has received over the past year or so, it’s no sur­prise that the mind­less lib­er­als and the author­i­tar­i­an left­ists have tar­get­ed one gun in par­tic­u­lar to receive the brunt of their blame.

That gun is none oth­er than the AR-15.

The AR15 or The Modern Musket.

The AR15 or The Mod­ern Mus­ket.

Unfair­ly demo­nized by the main­stream media, which uti­lizes absurd rhetoric like insist­ing on call­ing the firearm an “assault rifle,” the AR-15 has been built up as a vio­lent killing machine with a mind of its own. In real­i­ty, it’s just a real­ly ver­sa­tile, depend­able, semi-auto­mat­ic rifle.

Many left­ist lunatics fre­quent­ly crit­i­cize the Sec­ond Amend­ment for being out­dat­ed and claim that it shouldn’t apply today because the Found­ing Fathers were “talk­ing about mus­kets.” Not only is this line of think­ing struc­tural­ly flawed, it’s also fac­tu­al­ly incor­rect.

Odd­ly enough, the AR-15 is basi­cal­ly just the mus­ket of the mod­ern era. It’s a mul­ti-func­tion­al, high­ly pop­u­lar rifle that can be used for both hunt­ing and self-defense. As tech­nol­o­gy has advanced since the Con­sti­tu­tion was writ­ten, so have the firearms, but that doesn’t sud­den­ly add new restric­tions to the Sec­ond Amend­ment.

Our Found­ing Fathers were bril­liant men who cre­at­ed new tech­nolo­gies, built things with their own hands and — most impor­tant­ly — knew the impor­tance of being able to own and oper­ate firearms first­hand. They knew that gun tech­nol­o­gy was advanc­ing at a con­sid­er­able speed and would even­tu­al­ly devel­op into weapons like the AR-15. If they intend­ed for there to be spe­cif­ic reg­u­la­tions on semi-auto­mat­ic weapons, they would have clar­i­fied that. But because the Found­ing Fathers under­stood the impor­tance of hav­ing pro­tec­tion against a tyran­ni­cal gov­ern­ment, they chose not to include any sort of reg­u­la­tions that could harm the safe­ty of the Amer­i­can peo­ple.

Fight against the impend­ing soci­etal and cul­tur­al col­lapse by proud­ly exer­cis­ing your right to bear arms. Pur­chase an AR-15 today and dis­cov­er why so many free Amer­i­cans own and uti­lize the rifle.



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