The 5 Handguns I Didn’t Buy In 2018 Part 2

Number 2. Full Conceal M3G19L M3 5 Handguns I didn't buy in 2018 - Number 2 - Full Conceal M3


The Why?

Where to even begin with this one? Well, let’s start here. It’s a chopped and chan­neled Glock 19 low­er receiv­er, only. That’s right, it’s just a low­er. The grip, that’s all. Did I men­tion that it costs prac­ti­cal­ly the same as a com­plete Glock 19? With this hem­or­rhoid, you don’t get a slide nor a bar­rel.

There are oth­er issues. For­get about using a stan­dard hol­ster for it. I know the pur­pose is to fold the thing and shove it in your pock­et, but let’s be real­is­tic. You’re not going to do that. You’d have to have pock­ets the size of a duf­fle bag to get this thing in or out quick­ly, unless of course you’re a 50 some­thing who thinks it’s okay to wear skin­ny jeans. At that point I imag­ine you’re okay with just a lit­tle tuck in the ‘ole pock­ey, you know, just the tip.

Oh and let also cre­ate a bunch a sharp edges and gaps that will com­press under use and pinch the meat of your palm as you’re try­ing to use the thing at a crit­i­cal moment, you know, like try­ing to save your life.

Hard PASS!

MSRP: $599 — STREET PRICE: $498

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