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Texas County and Gun Rights Group Duel Over Right to Carry

The founder of a gun rights organization has sent notices to 76 government entities alleging they are violating Texas law by wrongfully excluding LTC (licensed to carry) holders. He is now being sued by one of those counties.

What we have before us is a local gov­ern­ment that has decid­ed it will use fear and bul­ly tac­tics to try and teach the cit­i­zens a les­son. This is a base­less suit with­out mer­it, and Waller Coun­ty is try­ing to intim­i­date the peo­ple by bring­ing this ridicu­lous suit,” said Ter­ry Hol­comb, Founder and Sr. Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of Texas Car­ry.

The Waller Coun­ty D.A. says the cour­t­house is legal­ly and right­ful­ly off lim­its to LTC hold­ers.

The law­suit filed by the Waller Coun­ty D.A. states that the issue is whether signs post­ed at cour­t­hous­es cit­ing Texas Penal Code § 46.03(a)(3) (which pro­hibits an indi­vid­ual from enter­ing a cour­t­house car­ry­ing a pro­hib­it­ed weapon or firearm), vio­lates sec­tion 411.209 of the Gov­ern­ment Code. The law­suit also main­tains that a relat­ed ques­tion is whether this Penal Code sec­tion “pro­hibits an indi­vid­ual from car­ry­ing firearms and oth­er weapons through­out the entire build­ing in which a court or court office is locat­ed or only in an actu­al court­room or court office.”

Full Sto­ry on Bre­it­bart:

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