Is the Kineti-Tch Trigger right for your Glock? 99%
09 Feb 2017

Kineti-Tech Glock Trigger Review

Can you improve upon per­fec­tion? Any­one who has a Glock pis­tol knows that they are per­fect the way they come from the fac­to­ry. Any shoot­er, with min­i­mal train­ing can pick one up, study and under­stand the three points of safe­ty and become pro­fi­cient in under 10 min­utes. That is what

31 Jul 2016

Review: Strike Industries “Strike Switch”

Some­times I real­ly love mail time. Oth­ers, not so much. Today was a day to love. In the mail box was a pack­age from Strike Indus­tries (SI), which is not unusu­al around here, but this one wasn’t a pur­chase. This was good­ies to review. When I spoke to them I