There is NO debate when it comes to defending your life or home.
30 Sep 2016

Shooting Of 3 Burglars Sparks Gun Debate

From Glob­al Times — They might have nev­er thought the house own­er, a Chi­nese woman who was wear­ing a night­gown, would furi­ous­ly open fire on them when they invad­ed her house with guns, and one of them — Anto­nio Leeks — might also have nev­er thought he would lose his

The AR15 is perfect for home defense.
06 Sep 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why People Love To Own Their Own AR-15

Amer­i­cans love our AR-15s. Among gun advo­cates, they’re one of the most pop­u­lar firearms on the mar­ket and for very good rea­son. Regard­less of what your rea­son­ing behind own­ing a firearm is, the AR-15 fits the bill and will not dis­ap­point. Here are five rea­sons why. 1.) They’re per­fect for