Liberty Doll: Defeat HR7115
23 Nov 2018

Liberty Doll: Hr7115 Sucks And Must Be Killed (My title, not hers)

HR 7115 Is A Wolf In Sheep’s Cloth­ing Lib­er­ty Doll from YouTube breaks down the non­sense of HR7115, which is noth­ing more than stick­ing in the back hole while aim­ing for the front hole. This is just the next attempt at a new gun ban, in retard­ed terms. This bill

27 Jul 2016

SURPRISE! Hillary Delegate Admits Democrats Want To Ban All Your Guns

A video released Mon­day revealed a dis­turb­ing encounter between an under­cov­er jour­nal­ist and a del­e­gate for Demo­c­ra­t­ic pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Hillary Clin­ton. In the video obtained by Project Ver­i­tas CEO and founder James O’Keefe, alter­nate Clin­ton del­e­gate Mary Bay­er explained how her can­di­date uses mod­­er­ate-sound­ing rhetoric to sell the pub­lic on