Mike Vanderboegh, of Pinson, Ala., mimicked holding a rifle as he spoke under a Capitol portico during a rally by gun-rights advocates in 2015 in Olympia, Wash. File photo by Elaine Thompson The Associated Press
11 Aug 2016

The Original #III%-er Dies At 64

Mike Van­der­boegh, a long­time leader in the “Patri­ot” move­ment, died Wednes­day in Alaba­ma after a lengthy bat­tle with can­cer. He was 64. Van­der­boegh also was founder of the “Three Per­centers,” who vow to use force if nec­es­sary to resist what they see as oppres­sive gun-con­trol laws. Van­der­boegh and his sup­port­ers