Smart Gun are actually quite dumb. Chris Christie gets that.
25 Aug 2016

No Smart Guns Because of a New Jersey Law

From Philly­Mag — Gun-rights sup­port­er Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have repealed it because it would’ve insti­tut­ed a new gun law Christie called “offen­sive.” Chris Christie yes­ter­day vetoed a bill that would have required New Jer­sey gun deal­ers to car­ry at least one “smart gun” for sale. Christie

01 Aug 2016

Screw The Facts & Stats: Our ‘Feels’ Say A Gun Ban Will Work This Time

Mass­a­chu­setts — Attor­ney Gen­er­al Mau­ra Healey stepped up the ban on mil­i­­tary-look­ing rifles yes­ter­day, prompt­ing licensed gun enthu­si­asts to flood gun shops on what they believed might be the last day to buy AR-style guns here. Healey issued a notice to all gun sell­ers and man­u­fac­tur­ers in Mass­a­chu­setts ban­ning guns