Maj Toure Founder of Black Guns Matter
25 Aug 2016

Black Gun Rights Activist Launches ‘Black Guns Matter’

From Bre­it­bart — Gun rights activist Maj Toure is seek­ing to edu­cate his fel­low black cit­i­zens on the impor­tance of the Sec­ond Amend­ment, gun own­er­ship, and gun safe­ty via his new group, “Black Guns Mat­ter” (BGM). The launch of BGM “kicked off a planned 13-city tour, with sim­i­lar events in cities

27 Jul 2016

It’s a Matter of Survival’: The Black Americans Fighting for Gun Rights

Dal­las is hot right now,” self-defence activist Eric Ran­dall tells me with a shake of his head. It’s well over 100F in the carpark out­side the strip mall pizze­ria where we’re talk­ing, and the asphalt is rip­pling with haze. But Ran­dall is not talk­ing about the weath­er. He’s talk­ing about