3D Guns Aren't Going Away
01 Aug 2018

The Streisand Effect in Brilliant 3D — Information Is Free

The Streisand effect is a phe­nom­e­non where­by an attempt to hide, remove, or cen­sor a piece of infor­ma­tion has the unin­tend­ed con­se­quence of pub­li­ciz­ing the infor­ma­tion more wide­ly, usu­al­ly facil­i­tat­ed by the Inter­net. The recent deci­sion to yet again cen­sor Defence Dis­trib­uted and DEFCAD.org have made this a neces­si­ty in terms

Judge Kenneth Walker would dump all guns in the ocean. Therefore, we know he hates sealife.
30 Sep 2016

Oregon Judge Says He Would ‘Eliminate All’ Guns

From Rea­son — An Ore­gon mag­is­trate had a few choice words when sen­tenc­ing defen­dant Mar­cell Lee Daniel Jr. for the 2014 shoot­ing of a Port­land man. Judge Ken­neth Walk­er took sev­er­al moments dur­ing a hear­ing Wednes­day to con­demn not just the per­pe­tra­tor, but also the type of weapon he used