SURPRISE! Hillary Delegate Admits Democrats Want To Ban All Your Guns


A video released Mon­day revealed a dis­turb­ing encounter between an under­cov­er jour­nal­ist and a del­e­gate for Demo­c­ra­t­ic pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Hillary Clin­ton.

In the video obtained by Project Ver­i­tas CEO and founder James O’Keefe, alter­nate Clin­ton del­e­gate Mary Bay­er explained how her can­di­date uses mod­er­ate-sound­ing rhetoric to sell the pub­lic on an agen­da to ban all guns.

Well, we can’t say we want to ban guns. Can we do that?” O’Keefe’s jour­nal­ist, pos­ing as an anti-gun activist, had asked Bay­er at a seem­ing­ly casu­al meet­ing. “We got to hide that.”

No, right,” Bay­er respond­ed and advised, “You got to say you want ‘com­mon sense gun leg­is­la­tion’–”

Then, bait and switch them and ban them all,” the jour­nal­ist inter­ject­ed.

As the con­ver­sa­tion con­tin­ued, O’Keefe’s jour­nal­ist asked Bay­er whether Clin­ton would sup­port a total ban on guns, to which Bay­er respond­ed, “For sure…. Yeah, I think, well she doesn’t take any posi­tions that are too ter­ri­bly extreme– in pub­lic.”

Bay­er then pro­ceed­ed to explain how to com­mu­ni­cate Hillary’s poli­cies in a way that would con­ceal them as “sort of mod­er­ate”:

We just wan­na have com­mon sense leg­is­la­tion so our chil­dren are safe!

You say shit like that, and then peo­ple will buy into it,” the Clin­ton del­e­gate explained.

At the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Nation­al Con­ven­tion (DNC) in Philadel­phia this week, O’Keefe and his jour­nal­ists con­front­ed Bay­er with a sign remind­ing her of the encounter she had with the jour­nal­ist, and dis­play­ing some of her quotes reveal­ing tac­tics of the Clin­ton cam­paign. The del­e­gate fran­ti­cal­ly grabbed the sign from O’Keefe and walked away with it as soon as he had explained to her what his orga­ni­za­tion is all about.

As shown in the video below, O’Keefe hilar­i­ous­ly trailed behind Bay­er and Philadel­phia police polite­ly ask­ing for his sign back, to which Bay­er cried, “This is crazy! I’m being harassed by these peo­ple!” and ran into a con­ve­nience store with the sign as secu­ri­ty fol­lowed her.

O’Keefe start­ed Project Ver­i­tas, a 501(c)(3) orga­ni­za­tion, with the mis­sion of expos­ing “cor­rup­tion, dis­hon­esty, self-deal­ing, waste, fraud and oth­er mis­con­duct.” O’Keefe and his jour­nal­ists have been in the news fre­quent­ly for their under­cov­er mis­sions to expose some of the most ground­break­ing scan­dals ever to be made pub­lic in U.S. pol­i­tics.

The expos­ing of Clinton’s del­e­gates is part of a longer series of Project Veritas’s work on anti-gun lob­by­ists and politi­cians. Watch below for O’Keefe’s account of what hap­pened:

Watch The Video Here: http://www.dailywire.com/news/7828/exposed-hillary-delegate-reveals-anti-gun-agenda-pardes-seleh

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