If you take a look at my AR, you’ll notice that I am a huge fan of Strike Indus­tries and every­thing these guys make. I don’t have the coin to drop on every piece of kit they release, but slow­ly and sure­ly I am get­ting all of the parts I want.

My AR murdered out with Strike Industries wares.

My AR mur­dered out with Strike Indus­tries wares.

In fact, ReloadOne.com is going to be giv­ing away a Strike Indus­tries Charge Han­dle with Extend­ed Latch in August.


The excel­lent and afford­able SI Charge Han­dle w/ Extend­ed Latch. Look for our August give­away.

On June 28th, SI released a video of their upcom­ing Oppres­sor Muz­zle Device and I for one can’t wait. The Oppres­sor is a quick detach device that will fit their Triple Crown Comp and tuck per­fect­ly inside their amaz­ing Megafins XL hand­guard.

This may very well be my next triple-threat com­bo upgrade to more Strike Indus­tries good­ness.

You can check out their video right here and be sure to shoot over to their web site and look at all the parts they have to offer. You should already know the qual­i­ty of their prod­ucts, so here is a chance to see their inno­va­tion.

We’ll try and get our hands on one ear­ly to do a sol­id video and writ­ten review for you guys.

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