Review: WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft

This won’t be your nor­mal gun site review as you can tell from the title. How­ev­er, it is some­thing that just about every­one who owns a gun or wants to mod­i­fy parts will need.

There have been a lot of projects that I have want­ed to do over the last few years that per­tain to my guns. The first one was cut­ting down a Troy Alpha rail. I know, blas­phe­my right, but it was some­thing I want­ed to do. To make that hap­pen, I had to call and ask around to my group of friends and see if any­one had a Dremel. Final­ly after a week or so of ask­ing, I locat­ed one. Turns out the friends was very pro­tec­tive about his Dremel and would come over and do the work him­self rather than just lend­ing me the damn thing. Okay… Any­way, he did, it worked out and I was hap­py with the results.

I still miss that rifle these days.

So step for­ward a year or so and since real­ly get­ting back into build­ing my own rifles again and not just buy­ing off the shelf stuff, the need has become more and more appar­ent to include a rotary tool on the work­bench.

I start­ed look­ing at the Dremels because that was the name I was used to. They have a great rep­u­ta­tion and you can’t real­ly go wrong. But the price! The price is absolute­ly ridicu­lous. $42 for the rotary tool body and a few bits to get you start­ed. I much pre­fer spend­ing my hard earned dol­lars on gun parts, even just for test­ing, than on tools. So I looked around.

I came across the WEN 2305 Rotary Tool on Ama­zon, yes that is an affil­i­ate link, it helps us keep the site going and we score a sweet $0.17 from each sale, and the reviews were phe­nom­e­nal. Like most of us, I went straight to the reviews and read for a while. This was a no brain­er for me.

The WEN 2305 has an effec­tive range from 8,000–30,000 RPM, which is enough to cut just about any­thing and goes slow enough to do some real­ly fine shap­ing and sand­ing with­out mar­ring your mate­r­i­al.

The WEN 2305 kit comes com­plete in a stor­age box although I loose­ly mount­ed mine to the back of my peg­board back­ing on my work­bench, comes with about 100 bits and dif­fer­ent tools and the best part for me is the flex­i­ble shaft with a sty­lus end to make han­dling the work that much eas­i­er. If you are one of those who reads man­u­als there is one includ­ed in clear, con­cise Eng­lish.

The absolute best, BEST part is the entire kit and kaboo­dle is $17.64. That’s right $17.64 and you get it in two days if you have prime.

I put togeth­er this quick video where I talk about how I have used mine so far.

Here is what you get in the WEN 2305 kit:

Over­all, this is the best pur­chase I have made in the last few months for under $20.  If you have any ques­tions, hit me up in the com­ments below. I will get back to you!

Editor’s Rating

Afford­ablil­i­ty 10.0
Fea­tures 9.9
Dura­bil­i­ty 9.9
Includ­ed Extras 9.8
WEN 2305 Rotary Tool for the home gun­smith.
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