Review: Strike Industries “Strike Switch”

Some­times I real­ly love mail time. Oth­ers, not so much. Today was a day to love.

In the mail box was a pack­age from Strike Indus­tries (SI), which is not unusu­al around here, but this one wasn’t a pur­chase. This was good­ies to review. When I spoke to them I was try­ing to be all casu­al, like ‘Hey bro…yeah send any­thing…” but on the inside I was like ‘I can’t believe I get to do this for a liv­ing!’

Strike Industries Strike SWitch AR15/AR10 selector switch.

Strike Indus­tries Strike SWitch AR15/AR10 selec­tor switch.

So, any­way, we received some new gear from SI. We got their new Strike Switch, which is as you guessed, a selec­tor switch for AR15 and AR10’s. We also received the SI Jit­ter­Plug, which could sound dirty if you have that kind of mind, or you could just accept that it is a lit­tle piece of stain­less steel that helps make your Glock bet­ter. The Lou will be writ­ing the review for the Jit­ter­Plug. I got to focus on the Strike Switch.

First things first. I am a huge fan of SI’s gear. Fan­boy I guess. I buy parts all the time for my own rifles. Not try­ing to shill for them, but their prices are bet­ter than most com­pa­nies and the qual­i­ty is out­stand­ing. I have nev­er had a fail­ure or a mal­func­tion with any­thing I have ever used with their logo stamped on it.

I recent­ly fit­ted my AR with their 60/90 degree 3 in 1 HEX Ambidex­trous Safe­ty Selec­tor, that I pur­chased. As the name implies, it is Ambi, but they also include a dead­man side indi­ca­tor which I opt­ed for.

It is very sim­i­lar in shape to a mil-spec selec­tor, but theirs has a short throw, a great ridged tex­ture and is much more crisp and respon­sive. I fig­ured the new Strike Switch would be the same. I was right.

I need­ed a donor gun, so I pulled out the Aero Pre­ci­sion X15 Gen 2 that we are fix­in’ to turn into a pis­tol. It has an Aero low­er parts kit, so it wouldn’t mind hav­ing a few upgrades.

Aero Precision X15 Gen 2 in standard configuration

Aero Pre­ci­sion X15 Gen 2 in stan­dard con­fig­u­ra­tion.

The Aero is a nice low­er, con­sid­er­ing one, they make low­ers for a lot of dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies and two, they offer a unique fea­ture in their Gen 2, that if you watch the video lat­er you can see, that has a sec­ond milled whole with a set screw which you can tight­en to put a lit­tle pres­sure on the upper and stop any wob­ble or rat­tle between the halves.

Remov­ing the Aero selec­tor is easy enough by just remov­ing the grip (watch the ‘holy shit’ spring and detent) and just slide out the exist­ing selec­tor.

Great packagin on the Strike Industries Strike Switch.

Great pack­ag­ing on the Strike Indus­tries Strike Switch.

The SI Strike Switch is very nice look­ing. It is has a great design. One thing you’ll notice right away is the short and long throws. Long goes for­ward. I only fig­ured that out by look­ing at the logo and not­ing that it would face me cor­rect­ly, not the busi­ness end. (After edit­ing the video, I final­ly noticed the direc­tion­al arrows on the rock­er levers. Duh.)

The contents of the Strike Industries Strike Switch package. Simple and straightforward.

The con­tents of the Strike Indus­tries Strike Switch pack­age. Sim­ple and straight­for­ward.

I sug­gest a lit­tle blue Loc­tite on both screws (not shown in above pho­to). Get one side start­ed and hand tight­ened to make instal­la­tion a lit­tle eas­i­er. I start­ed with the right side, you may reverse that. Doesn’t real­ly mat­ter.

Instal­la­tion is very straight­for­ward. You’ll notice that there is a bit of side-to-side play, even after it is all tight­ened down. This is nor­mal. It’s fine. Don’t wor­ry.

Right side of Strike Industries Strike Switch installation. Switch in 'Safe' position.

Right side of Strike Indus­tries Strike Switch instal­la­tion. Switch in ‘Safe’ posi­tion.


Right side of Strike Industries Strike Switch installation. Switch in 'Fire' position.

Right side of Strike Indus­tries Strike Switch instal­la­tion. Switch in ‘Fire’ posi­tion.

You’ll notice imme­di­ate­ly after get­ting the detent, spring and grip all cor­rect­ly installed and tight­ened down that the side-to-side move­ment of the selec­tor is com­plete­ly gone. It is rock sol­id at this point.

You can see from the pho­tos that the Switch has the short throws fac­ing the rear and the larg­er fac­ing for­ward. It is a for­ward think­ing approach. This rock­er design is far ahead. Once you start work­ing the con­trols, you notice how it takes just a cou­ple sec­onds to locate smooth­ly the new posi­tion of the Switch. I say new posi­tion because even though the hole hasn’t moved, the short arm throw sits high­er than a stan­dard selec­tor. A cou­ple flips up and down and you know what to expect. It’s just there. Exact­ly where it should be. You’ll hon­est­ly not notice the dif­fer­ence, but then you’ll think about it, real­ize that it is in fact dif­fer­ent, bet­ter and where it always should have been. It’s just that good. The larg­er front throw just seems to find your thumb when need­ed. It’s like for­ward con­trols.

Left side of the Strike Industries Strike Switch. Clean logo, facing you so you can read it helps figure out installation direction. The milling is crisp.

Left side of the Strike Indus­tries Strike Switch. Clean logo, fac­ing you so you can read it helps fig­ure out instal­la­tion direc­tion. The milling is crisp.

Look­ing down from the top, you’ll notice just how dif­fer­ent from a stan­dard selec­tor the Switch is. The large front throws are much eas­i­er to thumb down into posi­tion and the short rear throws are in the per­fect ‘sweet spot’. There is a small gap on either side so you don’t mar the fin­ish on your receiv­er.

Top view of completed Strike Industries Strike Switch.

Top view of com­plet­ed Strike Indus­tries Strike Switch.

One thing I did notice is that even though I am not used to shoot­ing with the ambi selec­tor. I haven’t done so before as not­ed in my choice to install the dead­man indi­ca­tor on my every­day AR. What stood out to me about the Strike Switch is that when the lever is down, it doesn’t get in the way, it isn’t uncom­fort­able and I don’t see how it could impinge on my grip. Like­wise, it is very handy hav­ing the sec­ondary lever there if you should ever have to fire off-hand. They thought of every­thing in this great design.

Over­all, I’m very impressed with the Strike Switch. Weath­er per­mit­ting, I’ll take it out to the range tomor­row and include an update. For right now, con­sid­er this a com­plete win for Strike Indus­tries.

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Editor’s Rating

Price 9.9
Fin­ish 9.6
Dura­bil­i­ty 9.4
Func­tion 9.4
Instal­la­tion 9.0
Our review of Strike Indus­tries Strike Switch
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