Review: Ameriglo IDOT Night Sights

Quality affordable night sights with some outstanding features.

One of the big con­sid­er­a­tions while build­ing Project Glock was our choice of sights for the pis­tol. No one can say there is a short­age of options out in the world for any mod­el of Glock hand­guns.

While we have been pur­chas­ing parts, we always kind of knew what we want­ed based on past expe­ri­ences with man­u­fac­tur­ers, excep­tion being the deci­sion to buy the com­plete­ly badass Black­list Ultra­match Bar­rel. We took a well researched chance on the Black­list and yeah, it is every­thing you could pos­si­bly want and then some.

When it came to the sights how­ev­er, we had about 5 dif­fer­ent opin­ions in the office. The loud­est voic­es said “Tri­ji­con!” no mat­ter what. One was for Mepro, anoth­er for Ameriglo and yet anoth­er for TruG­lo. Our online con­ver­sa­tions reflect­ed some oth­er options as well.

Me, being the decider-in-chief, tend­ed to go along with the Tri­ji­con opin­ions. Right around the time we were real­ly look­ing at lay­ing down some mon­ey Haley Strate­gic and Tri­ji­con had released the co-brand­ed HSP TH1RTE3N sights which looked amaz­ing. The sim­ple, yet inno­v­a­tive tech that goes into the design was intrigu­ing and let’s be hon­est, Travis Haley doesn’t put his name or brand name on crap prod­ucts.

I looked long and hard at the HSP TH1RTE3N sights, but they are tru­ly meant for war fight­ers, which we are most cer­tain­ly not. We are hard­core week­end war­riors, not like­ly to have to fight like hell any­time soon.

So it was brought up that Tri­ji­con vials are used in the Ameriglo sites. I hadn’t had expe­ri­ence with the “dot the i” type sights before, but it made per­fect sense.

I liked that they had front and rear tri­tium in a set of strong steel sights and a lot of peo­ple online had great reviews and rea­sons list­ed as to why they are able to get on tar­get quick­ly and stay there. The rear sight lends itself eas­i­ly to sin­gle hand charg­ing against your belt or hol­ster.

I did look at the Tri­ji­con HD sights as well, how­ev­er the real deter­min­ing fac­tor came down to cost between the two. The cheap­est HD sights I could find at the time were $124.99 while the Ameriglo IDOT (with Tri­ji­con vials) came in at $73.70 on Ama­zon.

Let’s just say I am a fan of sav­ing mon­ey where I can. So I ordered the Ameriglo IDOT’s.



The first order of busi­ness was remov­ing the ter­ri­ble, ter­ri­ble fac­to­ry Glock plas­tic sights from the slide. That process is easy to do with a small wood dow­el and a ham­mer. Just drift them off.

We have a sight push­er here, even though it is one of the hard to use types, it still did the job admirably. Final­ly we used a dig­i­tal caliper to make sure they were cen­tered prop­er­ly.

The sights them­selves are very nice. The con­struc­tion is strong and the fin­ish is even and so far, very durable. Dur­ing reg­u­lar day­light shoot­ing, the front sight offers a very clear sight pic­ture, great for quick shots. It is a lit­tle taller than the fac­to­ry sights, but this should come as a wel­come fea­ture to you. The larg­er front sight helps lev­el the slide and there­fore bar­rel while shoot­ing. I will say that the white out­line around the tri­tium is impos­si­ble to see in bright day­light though. There is absolute­ly no rea­son for it.

In the dark is where these sights real­ly hold their own. The Tri­ji­con tri­tium vials are very bright and it is incred­i­bly easy to get a sight pic­ture. The IDOT design takes a min­i­mal amount of time to become very pro­fi­cient with.

I can say that in all hon­esty I am shoot­ing the IDOT sights bet­ter and at fur­ther dis­tance than any oth­er sights I have tried before. Shots are eas­i­er to return to tar­get as well.


For the mon­ey, I think you’d be very hard pressed to find a bet­ter set of true night sights on the mar­ket. The clear sight pic­ture, the high­er front sight and the qual­i­ty of the Tri­ji­con inserts make the Ameriglo IDOT’s a win­ner in the ReloadOne.com book.


Editor’s Rating

Price 99%
Dura­bil­i­ty 97%
Fea­tures 94%
Usabil­i­ty Day 86%
Usabil­i­ty Night 98%
Fin­ish 93%
Our review of the Ameriglo IDOT Night Sight
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