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From VDMSR.com — Thanks to every­one who took this sur­vey, which I post­ed on Pis­tol-Forum, Defen­sive­Car­ry, Arf­com, WEVO, Red­ditFB, and GunDis­trict.  In total 1,063 peo­ple sub­mit­ted an answer to the sur­vey.  Some peo­ple had prob­lems because SurveyMonkey’s soft­ware does not like Apple prod­ucts for some rea­son, so I will not be using it again because it left peo­ple out who would have oth­er­wise sub­mit­ted an answer.


Rea­son for Sur­vey
Tar­get mar­ket sur­veys are not just for com­pa­nies look­ing to gain infor­ma­tion on what the mar­ket wants or needs, it is also very help­ful for those look­ing to max­i­mize their time by jump­ing direct­ly to what the major­i­ty of peo­ple are car­ry­ing, in this case.  See­ing what mod­i­fi­ca­tions the major­i­ty of peo­ple do to their pis­tols helps some­one who is con­sid­er­ing oth­er mods com­pare those mods against what oth­er peo­ple are or have done.
Lim­i­ta­tions of Sur­vey
This sur­vey was not specif­i­cal­ly tar­get­ing Glock or poly­mer pis­tols and while the answers did lend them­selves to that vari­ant the “oth­er” option allowed peo­ple to type out their par­tic­u­lar mod­i­fi­ca­tions, which I will detail towards the end.  This is also not an all-inclu­sive sur­vey since it has very lim­it­ed options and while had just more than 1,000 peo­ple sub­mit answers it is more like a polit­i­cal poll of a sam­pling, so con­sid­er the results with the same lev­el of spec­u­la­tion.  The dif­fer­ence between this type of sur­vey than the polit­i­cal poll type is that 100% of the peo­ple who sub­mit­ted answers actu­al­ly car­ry a pis­tol in some man­ner. Assum­ing no one just sub­mit­ted answers just to do it and does not car­ry, but you can assume an error of 4–5% per set of results.  I inten­tion­al­ly left out the option for “After­mar­ket Bar­rel and Trig­ger” because of the obvi­ous lack of peo­ple hav­ing those two mod­i­fi­ca­tions and no after­mar­ket sights.  In fact, not a sin­gle per­son wrote that in the “oth­er” option.  I also did not include an option for night sights or non-night sights (fiber optic/all black).  This is because I want­ed a quick sur­vey with­out too many options.
(High­est to small­est)
205 peo­ple only have after­mar­ket sights on their car­ry gun.  That makes up for around 19%.
197 peo­ple do have any mod­i­fi­ca­tions at all, they car­ry the gun the way it came out of the box.  This makes up for around 18.5%
133 peo­ple have after­mar­ket sights and trig­ger.  This makes up 12.5%
126 peo­ple have after­mar­ket bar­rel, sights and trig­ger.  This makes up around 12%
108 peo­ple car­ry with some type of mag­a­zine addi­tion, exten­sion or after­mar­ket mag­a­zine.  This makes up around 10%
85 peo­ple have an after­mar­ket bar­rel and sights.  This makes up 8%
74 peo­ple report­ed to have stip­ple on their car­ry gun.  This makes up 7%
39 peo­ple have replaced their OEM trig­ger with anoth­er OEM trig­ger from a dif­fer­ent mod­el gun.  This makes up for around 3.5%
30 peo­ple have ful­ly mod­i­fied guns in the con­text of after­mar­ket bar­rel, sights, stip­ple, slide ser­ra­tions, after­mar­ket trig­ger and mag­a­zine extension/etc.  This makes up for near­ly 3%
26 peo­ple have only an after­mar­ket trig­ger.  This makes up for around 2.5%
5 peo­ple report­ed only hav­ing an after­mar­ket bar­rel.  This makes up for about .5%
35 peo­ple post­ed oth­er respons­es which ranged from them not read­ing the ques­tions of the sur­vey and writ­ing the same options which were able to checked or just their per­son­al opin­ions on their EDC guns (I includ­ed them into the cor­rect group of answers if applic­a­ble), here is a sam­pling of “oth­er” answers which were inter­est­ing:

Remove HK lock­out mech­a­nism
Butt Plug
Its a wheel­gat
Talon grip tape
Talon rub­ber­ized grip
grip reduc­tion, mag­a­zine release mod­i­fi­ca­tion, slide stop replaced
Grip reduc­tion, grip chop, reflex­ive sight, re-worked trig­ger, after­mar­ket slide release, Sup­pres­sor back-up sights.
Talon Grips
Aftermr­ket sights, beaver­tail grip safe­ty, cer­akote.
Laz­er grips
OEM crim­son trace laser grips
Ambi-Safe­ty on 1911 — Left Hand­ed
Ghost Evo Elite con­nec­tor and springs
grip take and gad­get
ambi safe­ty, trig­ger
Does wayne brady have to choke a bitch?

Appar­ent­ly there were a few peo­ple who car­ry a gun with a gad­get installed.  A few peo­ple have grip tape and 10+ peo­ple have a laser grip of some sort.
  I went through the total amount and some­thing around 20% of the peo­ple who checked “after­mar­ket sights only” also checked “OEM trig­ger but from anoth­er gun”
What does all of this data mean to you?
The sur­vey shows that 315 peo­ple or 29.6% have an after­mar­ket trig­ger along with oth­er mod­i­fi­ca­tions
The sur­vey shows that about 246 peo­ple or 23.1% have an after­mar­ket bar­rel along with oth­er mod­i­fi­ca­tions.
374 peo­ple or 35.1% have either an after bar­rel or an after­mar­ket trig­ger.
The sur­vey does show that a good amount of peo­ple just want a gun out of the box that requires no mod­i­fi­ca­tion.  Like Sig or HK’s with their OEM night sights which have an after­mar­ket look to them.
So when you are look­ing for what mod­i­fi­ca­tions to do to your EDC gun, you may want to refer to the num­bers gen­er­at­ed here.  Most go with after­mar­ket sights first and then move on to a full trig­ger or trig­ger trig­ger mod­i­fi­ca­tion or bar­rel.

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