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Repeal The NFA? IraqVeteran8888 Makes A Great Case

There is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to have the NFA repealed, but it takes action on the part of all law­ful gun own­ers. There are two peti­tions cur­rent­ly, Repeal The NFA and Repeal The Hugh­es Amend­ment.

The HPA (The Hear­ing Pro­tec­tion Act, H.R. 367) is like­ly to hap­pen dur­ing the Trump Admin­is­tra­tion, see our pre­vi­ous­ly post­ed arti­cle here “This Is What We Have Won”.

I under­stand that there is a sense of trep­i­da­tion when it comes to putting your name to some­thing as brash as these two peti­tions, however.…and this is the impor­tant how­ev­er, I have spo­ken with two dif­fer­ent mem­bers of the ATF and one with the FBI, there are zero reper­cus­sions with any cit­i­zen sign­ing these peti­tion. They are not cre­at­ing a list here. This is sim­ply an oppor­tu­ni­ty for law­ful cit­i­zens to have their voice be heard.

A lot of what I have seen from polls on socials is that peo­ple are wor­ried about being on a list if they sign the peitions. This is the far­thest thing from the truth. The square deal is, if there are not enough voic­es say­ing that we want our rights restored, then they won’t be con­sid­ered. Peri­od.

I have no inter­est in own­ing a machine gun. I can’t afford to shoot a machine gun. How­ev­er, I would like to see the Fed­er­al tax removed for the right to own a short bar­reled rifle or shot­gun. I would love to be able to put giz­mos like a ver­ti­cal grip on my AR pis­tol with­out the con­se­quence of break­ing the law. For the time being, I have payed the gov­ern­ment. If you fol­low here often, you’ll know I just recent­ly applied for my first Form 1 which I hope to have approved by Sep­tem­ber or Octo­ber. But why? How does pay­ing an extra $200 to the gov­ern­ment make me ‘extra-law­ful’? That’s pay-to-play. If I can be trust­ed after spend­ing the extra $200, why can’t I with­out spend­ing it? Why as some­one who has nev­er been arrest­ed, nev­er been in trou­ble with the law, why as some­one who can legal­ly pur­chase and car­ry a gun do we have to pay the Gov­ern­ment and extra $200 to use a firearm as we see fit?

For 23 years now I have owned firearms and nev­er once in that peri­od of time has any of them hurt any­one. Well, I did get slide bite once, but that was my own thumb.

We have a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty here. We can stop pay­ing a tax to the Gov­ern­ment for what is a nat­ur­al born right. We can also help ensure that our rights car­ry for­ward.

There was a time dur­ing World War II that the Japan­ese and Ger­mans wouldn’t ever con­sid­er an inva­sion of the Unit­ed States because of our cit­i­zen gun own­er­ship. The say­ing went some­thing like “behind every blade of grass is a cit­i­zen with a gun…” does this not make sense today?

Pres­i­dent Trump is work­ing on Nation­al Reci­procity. Next will be the HPA. Fol­low­ing those two acts should be the repeal­ing of the Hugh­es Amend­ment and the NFA. They are strip­ping our rights and they have been dwin­dling down year after year.

I’m small potatos. So maybe you will lis­ten to two of the biggest YouTu­bers around:

As I write this there are only ~6500 sig­na­tures on the Repeal The NFA peti­tion and few­er on repeal­ing the Hugh­es Amend­ment. Lets change that. Please share these links with every­one you know who cares about their free­doms, help­ing to grasp more and end­ing unfair tax­a­tion on law­ful cit­i­zens.

We can do this, but we must act quick­ly. You don’t have to believe me. Call the ATF at (202) 648‑8500 and the FBI at (202) 324‑3000. Ask them ques­tions. They aren’t the ene­my, they are Amer­i­cans just like us. They are here for us.

Please sign the peti­tions today by fol­low­ing these links:

Repeal The NFA —
Repeal The Hugh­es Amend­ment —

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