RAIN6 Shipping Announcement: Stryk B Is On The Way!

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For all of you that pre-ordered a Stryk B and especially those of you that did last year, thank you so much for your wonderful patience. For those that haven’t yet now is the time. You will bypass the dreaded year wait we all went through. Here’s the latest news on the highly anticipated Stryk B… and bit on its predecessor the Strike One.

RAIN6 Stryk B Shipping Update

RAIN6 Stryk B Ship­ping Update

Once we get the guns we’ll ship out first orders in first orders out. Every­one will get a gun in this first ship­ment, we are a mas­ter deal­er and will ful­fill all our orders, thanks to all of you and your orders along with our freak­ish pas­sion mak­ing videos and all. Can’t wait to see what ser­i­al #‘s you all will be get­ting, they will be low.

  1. The Stryk B was awe­some in the tor­ture tests, sev­er­al guns and tens of thou­sands of rounds fired! Fly­ing col­ors we hear.
  2. Man­u­fac­tur­ing is tak­ing place in the EU, your guns will have DE marks. Man­u­fac­tur­ing in the USA will fol­low…
  3. You’ll notice the trig­ger guard from the first images we post­ed is no longer round, it is rec­tan­gu­lar now and much more fit­ting with the rest of the lines on the B in our opin­ion. What do you all think?
  4.  Strike One mags will work in the Stryk B, but Stryk B mag­a­zines will obvi­ous­ly not work in the Strike One as they are two rounds short­er and the base plate will not fit.
  5. The Sryk B will ship with 3 mag­a­zines. (15 rds.) 10 Rds. mag­a­zines will be avail­able at time of ship­ping.
  6. We will be offer­ing thread­ed bar­rels, they are being test­ed at Arse­nal Firearms USA now. These should be ready at time of ship­ping.
  7.  Speak­ing of ship­ping, when the Strike Ones were leav­ing Italy to the USA there was a win­dow that we expect­ed them to arrive in. This is due to uncer­tain­ty with ATF and Cus­toms, this is why Arse­nal Firearms USA main­tains a Q2 ship date.
  8. If you watched our video of the Stryk B with updates on youtube I talked about the trig­ger. The trig­ger I spoke of with the “near one mil­lime­ter” reset is the actu­al Stryk B trig­ger. It is awe­some right out of the box.
  9. Sev­er­al oth­er upgrades in man­u­fac­tur­ing have been made as well. Many parts are CNC vs. mim as in the Strike One. We’re look­ing for­ward to vis­it­ing Arse­nal Firearms USA this Wednes­day 4/26 to get the scoop to pass onto you all!
  10. We will be offer­ing sev­er­al hol­ster sys­tems includ­ing G-Code RTI and Blade Tech hol­ster solu­tions for the Stryk B at launch. Oth­er hol­ster mak­ers that we will launch with will be Tuc­tite, SGUSA, Black­Point, Comp-Tac, Con­ceal­ment Express, Safar­i­Land, as well as Inte­grat­ed Sur­vival Sys­tems patent­ed ambidex­trous mod­u­lar sys­tem and more…
  11. We will also be offer­ing slide cuts, port­ed bar­rel options, RMR cuts, stip­ple and Cer­akote all right out of our shop. Videos of break­ing the gun down com­plete­ly will also be post­ed on our youtube chan­nel imme­di­ate­ly after get­ting the guns in.
  12. The B is also ship­ping with a pro­gres­sive mul­ti-spring recoil sys­tem and cap­tured to a guide rod. It is steel. This is a nice addi­tion right out of the box as they are nor­mal­ly a $85 or more add on.
  13. In the kit will be a hard case, owner’s man­u­al, 3 mag­a­zines and Stryk B. It will come in two vari­ants, front fiber optic sight and front Tri­ji­con Site, both with blacked out rear sights. They are made of steel too and pro­vid­ed by Salient Arms Inter­na­tion­al. The kits are $779 and $799 respec­tive­ly.

*Any­one that pre-ordered a Stryk A it will fol­low the B once demand is sat­is­fied. If you want to change your order to the B just con­tact us and we’ll make sure to swap it.

We will film a video at Arse­nal Firearms USA this week, a day or so after­wards it will be post­ed to youtube and on our Face­book page. We’ll break the gun down com­plete­ly from tooth to tail, shoot it, and inter­view Chris L. the nation­al sales direc­tor for Arse­nal Firearms USA. Of course we’ll talk about ship­ping, deal­er net­works, sup­port for the gun and life­time war­ran­ty… and acces­sories.

Again, you all have been awe­some with your patience and if you’re like us it wasn’t easy. We all want this gun to come out yes­ter­day, but more impor­tant­ly we want it to come out 100% done right. Thank you for your under­stand­ing.

Strike One news!

There aren’t many left, a few strag­glers sit­ting in gun shops here and there. But, there are some left and we can get them if you want, just ping us.

  1. Anoth­er ship­ment of mag­a­zines is in route from Italy, should arrive by 5/1/17.
  2. War­ran­ty work is done by Arse­nal Firearms USA now. You need to con­tact Chris L. and he’ll get you set up if you have any war­ran­ty needs. 702–444-4447
  3. DROP in trig­gers for the Strike One are on the way. Arse­nal Firearms final­ly made upgrad­ed trig­gers to drop right in! No more cut­ting into the gun, you can keep your stock parts and change back if need­ed. They are not here yet, but a great cus­tomer of ours just got one last month and he says it is about 4 lbs. and the reset is very short. We can’t wait to get them in and test them out, a video will sure­ly fol­low. Cost will be about $225. They have the orig­i­nal Arse­nal Firearms Logo laser etched into the side too. We like that.

Be Awe­some,


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