Pre-Ordered: Arsenal Stryk B 9mm!

Ever since I laid eyes on the Arse­nal Strike One, I was in love. The Ital­ian man­u­fac­tured, Russ­ian Spe­cial Forces pis­tol just screamed “Com­rade, you must pur­chase me”.

But I didn’t. I should have. But I didn’t. The Strike One is about the length of a Glock 17 (pos­si­bly L) and that doesn’t help me out for car­ry­ing.

So I wait­ed and have been fol­low­ing the devel­op­ment of the new (many iter­a­tions) of the also new Arse­nal Firearms USA, Stryk B. It is offi­cial­ly a go, so I had to make sure I got one right? Right? Hell yeah I’m right.

Rain 6 is cur­rent­ly tak­ing pre-orders on the Stryk B for $75. To guar­an­tee I got one it was a no-brain­er “shut up and take my mon­ey” sit­u­a­tion. I ordered with the option of Tri­ji­con night sights as well.

To get you start­ed, watch this:

Now this video is from last Novem­ber, so a few things have changed. Amaz­ing­ly, no one on YouTube could man­age to film a video from this year’s SHOT Show longer than 4 min­utes and they all show the exact same thing… Indus­try guy tak­ing the damn thing apart. That’s it. No indus­try day footage. Shame­ful.

What we do find out though is that the Stryk B has the offi­cial low­est bore axis of any pis­tol on the mar­ket. I’m adding the caveat here of any “semi-auto pis­tol” sim­ply because I know there is one fan­boy out there of the ridicu­lous Chi­ap­pa Rhi­no revolver who will give me shit.

That is pret­ty cool. Get­ting the bar­rel low­er in your hand will real­ly help reduce bar­rel lift and decrease recoil.

Here’s anoth­er video from the guys at TFB (The Firearm Blog). They tend to do things real­ly right, but still, it’s a short video. I’m guess­ing they will have access to the gun pri­or to it’s offi­cial release and do a much more in-depth review, which I can’t wait for.

It sounds like the gun is going to ship with 3 x 15 round mag­a­zines which is great. Not sure about a hol­ster or oth­er acces­sories though. In the first video, they do men­tion that hol­sters will be avail­able.

Prob­a­bly the best thing about this pis­tol is that this is a col­lab­o­ra­tion. Arse­nal teamed up with Salient to pro­duce this pup­py. If you fol­low the Glock mar­ket at all, you will know that Salient cre­ates some of the great­est high end Glocks in the world. For them to have any­thing to do with get­ting the Stryk B to mar­ket is an added bonus, dou­ble plus good, girl of your dreams ask­ing you out, kind of thing. I’ll nev­er give up my G19, but it will prob­a­bly get left at home. Except for range days of course.

I know I am putting a lot of faith in some­thing I don’t even have my hands on yet, but, I have been fol­low­ing the devel­op­ment of this pis­tol for a year now and every­thing I have read, heard and seen means this bad­boy is going to be a mar­ket chang­er.

Here’s the specs as they stand right now:

  • Industry’s low­est bore axis at approx. 12mm.
  • Excpetion­al ergonom­ics
  • 4.29″ in-line bar­rel STRYK B
  • 15 + 1 Rds. Mag Capac­i­ty STRYK B
  • Mag­a­zines Includ­ed: Three 15rd mag­a­zines
  • Cal­iber: 9mm (9x19mm)
  • Picatin­ny rails
  • Dove­tailed for Glock Sights
  • Antic­i­pat­ed launch April ’17 STRYK B
  • STRYK B with Fiber Optic front sight, cost $779.95
  • STRYK B with Tri­ji­con Front Sight, cost $799.95
  • Made in Ger­many

I’ll add updates as I hear more and know more about the deliv­ery date. Give me your thoughts on the Stryk B. I’d love some out­side of my head opin­ions.

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  1. Luis Gonzalez
    September 15, 2017 at 11:19 pm — Reply


    I’d like to pre­order order one if it’s avail­able?
    Can you order a thread­ed bar­rel for it?
    Can we pre­order mags too?
    Thanks in advance!

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