Polymer80 Raising The Bar, Again

If you fol­low Polymer80 on Insta­gram, you will have noticed that they are hard at work try­ing to get their new PF940C 80% frame ready to test fire. More impor­tant­ly, they are work­ing like crazy to get it ready and per­fect­ed for Shot Show 2017.

We are prob­a­bly just as excit­ed as they are about the new ‘com­pact” size frame to work with our main love, the Glock 19. They have a few oth­er tricks up their sleave like a new slide which is avail­able on their site, but for right now, we are laser focused on see­ing the PF940C come to mar­ket and into out out­stretched and will­ing hands!

Here is what we have seen so far:


Polymer80 PF940C Protoype.

Polymer80 PF940C Pro­toype.

polymer80inc Now that the G17 slides are out…Time to unveil our next project! No timeline or release date, as we are currently still in the design process.

Above was the first glimpse we saw of what they had planned. Blood is flow­ing a lit­tle quick­er now.


polymer80incHere’s an updated image of the PF940C project. Things are moving at a decent pace, though we do not have a definitive release date for this project. A lot hinges on the injection mold building process which takes months to complete as well as subsequent testing (range time!!!) We will do our best to keep everyone informed on the progress. We are simultaneously working on other projects as well, with more info coming soon!

Yes, it get’s bet­ter…


polymer80incWe have received numerous requests for an image of the PF940C without the slide. So here you go. Please keep in mind that this project is still in development and design decisions are currently being made.

And then BLAM! They hit us with a pho­to of the pro­to­type pro­duced and entice us even more. All we have to say is enough teas­ing, give us the goods!

The current state of the Polymer80 PF940C Prototype ready to be held and adored.

The cur­rent state of the Polymer80 PF940C Pro­to­type ready to be held and adored. Sep­tem­ber 14, 2016

polymer80incWinter is coming.
Improved ergonomics, aggressive new aesthetics and features, textured and blank grip options, stainless steel locking block rail systems, stainless steel rear rail modules. Are you ready?

YES! We are ready Polymer80! Yes, yes and yes!

We’ll keep you up-to-date as news con­tin­ues to come out.

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