Ninth Circuit Rules Openly Carrying Firearm in Public Is Constitutional

From Bre­it­bart -

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Tuesday that openly carrying a firearm in public is constitutional.

The rul­ing, issued by a three-judge pan­el, is a rebut­tal to Hawaii’s claim that Sec­ond Amend­ment pro­tec­tions only applied to car­ry­ing a gun open­ly in one’s home.

Reuters reports that the case was brought by George Young, after Hawai­ian offi­cial “twice [denied] him a per­mit to car­ry a gun out­side.” A Dis­trict Court ruled that the denial did not infringe rights pro­tect­ed by the Sec­ond Amend­ment, but the Ninth Cir­cuit pan­el dis­agreed.

Ninth Cir­cuit Judge Diar­muid O’Scannlain wrote, “We do not take light­ly the prob­lem of gun vio­lence. But, for bet­ter or for worse, the Sec­ond Amend­ment does pro­tect a right to car­ry a firearm in pub­lic for self-defense.”

The rul­ing for the con­sti­tu­tion­al­i­ty of open­ly car­ry­ing a firearm in pub­lic comes a week to the day after a Ninth Cir­cuit pan­el upheld the rul­ing which blocked California’s “high capac­i­ty” mag­a­zine ban.

Both rul­ings can be appealed for the Ninth Cir­cuit to hear en banc. After that, the next stop for either rul­ing would be the Supreme Court of the Unit­ed States.

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