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NeoMag Review: Securing A Pocket Full Of Awesome

Some­times I’m a lit­tle late to the game. I start­ed see­ing a trend on Insta­gram of this cool lit­tle giz­mo called the Neo­Mag a while back but nev­er real­ly paid that much atten­tion to it because, for the most part, there was a whole bunch of awe­some going on in each pho­to.

But then one day it just jumped out at me, glar­ing out of the pic­ture like it was scream­ing “I am the best damn thing in this pic­ture and you don’t know about me yet!”. So I had to look it up.

4a3e6d5927-NM-LogosmThe NeoMag® is a minimalist back-up magazine holder that inconspicuously clips inside your pocket.

I did my nor­mal Google Fu and read and watched all I could about it. I con­tact­ed Neo­Mag through their web site and end­ed up email­ing back and forth with Graig Davis, the own­er and inven­tor of The Neo­Mag. Turns out he is in Akron, Ohio about 10 min­utes from where I grew up. On a per­son­al side it is great to see unique com­pa­nies like his pop­ping up in what was once a hub of world­wide indus­try. Remem­ber tires? Yeah, that Akron, Ohio.

After email­ing with Graig I decid­ed the The Neo­Mag was some­thing I had to try out for myself. So I pur­chased the medi­um size (The Neo­Mag offers three sizes Small, Medi­um and Large — no fries) which would fit the 9mm Glock 19 mag­a­zines I car­ry on a dai­ly basis.

The three sizes gen­er­al­ly fit as fol­lows: Large .45 ACP & Wil­son Com­bat 9mm Mags, Medi­um 9mm & .40 S&W and Small .380 ACP, although there are a few odd­ball mag­a­zines which you can learn more about by vis­it­ing The Neo­Mag web site.

Graig is an engi­neer who designed the Neo­Mag to fit into his lifestyle. From his web site you can learn more about him, but I’ll include his own words here, because I’m look­ing out for ya:

Garig Davis, engineer and inventor of The NeoMag

Graig Davis, engi­neer and inven­tor of The Neo­Mag

I am a hus­band of a beau­ti­ful wife and father of three awe­some kids. I spend days as a full time engi­neer. I’m an avid hunter, moun­tain bik­er, pho­tog­ra­ph­er, love all shoot­ing sports, archery and involved with my home church.

As an avid sec­ond amend­ment sup­port­er and con­cealed car­ry advo­cate I want­ed the best way to car­ry a back­up mag­a­zine. I engi­neered the Neo­Mag™ to use the best mate­ri­als in the most min­i­mal pack­age pos­si­ble. The Neo­Mag™ is com­plete­ly made and assem­bled here in the USA. My goal is to pro­vide you the best prod­uct and cus­tomer ser­vice pos­si­ble.


From my test­ing so far, I can say this unequiv­o­cal­ly. This thing is tough. Very, very tough. Because I don’t just buy things to have them, I tend to abuse them to see if they can hold up, I can state in fact, I haven’t been able to hurt the thing yet. I’ve thrown it at a cement wall, got a lit­tle scratch, dropped it off my bal­cony with and emp­ty mag­a­zine attached, no issues, been wear­ing it reli­gious­ly since I received it while work­ing out­side all day in the salt air down here, not a speck of rust seen. I haven’t fall­en on it, more out of the desire for self preser­va­tion of my hip, but I think it would do fine with that too.

What you get is the Neo­Mag in some min­i­mal pack­ag­ing, thank you Graig for that. Side note, I hate over­ly pack­aged things. It is a waste to do so.

Inside a clear instruc­tions, a stick­er and infos about the Neo­Mag. That is all that is need­ed.

By the way, I love stick­ers.

Any­way, it attach­es straight for­ward enough. Remove from pack­ag­ing, and take a look. Below is the descrip­tive pho­to from the web site and then some of my own.

The NeoMag medium 9mm magazine pocket clip materials used. Titanium, steel, stainless steel trox screws, noedymium rare earth magnet.

The Neo­Mag medi­um 9mm mag­a­zine pock­et clip mate­ri­als used. Tita­ni­um, steel, stain­less steel trox screws, noedymi­um rare earth mag­net.

It real­ly is about a small and a clean as you could want or imag­ine. Also, did I men­tion it is tough? The tita­ni­um clip has tremen­dous reten­tion. It is very stiff and along with the grip pad it stays put in your pock­et. It isn’t so hard to move that you have trou­ble get­ting it to slide over you pock­et mate­r­i­al, but once in place it holds where you put it.

The deep pock­et clip is just that. It extends far enough above the top of the mag­a­zine floor plate that the mag dis­ap­pears inside your pock­et mak­ing it a lot less con­spic­u­ous than some sim­i­lar prod­ucts. It isn’t to far down though that you can’t get a good quick grip on it for a quick mag change when need­ed.

Watch Graig’s video below to get an idea of why he designed it the way he did.

I am using the Neo­Mag on my Glock 19 mag­a­zines from Project Glock. With the stan­dard Glock floor plates it is a per­fect fit. See here below:

I do run two mag­a­zines with Strike Indus­tries Buf­fa­lo Wings and while the Neo­Mag will still do exact­ly what it is sup­pose to, you just need to allow it to ride a lit­tle low­er on the mag­a­zine which in turn allows the mag­a­zine to ride a lit­tle high­er in your pock­et.

Over­all first impres­sions of The Neo­Mag are awe­some. For some­thing this small, it adds tremen­dous func­tion­al val­ue to your EDC. Con­struc­tion is top-notch, mate­ri­als are well thought out and planned for a long life of the prod­uct. This is not some­thing that is dis­pos­able like so many of the prod­ucts we all buy today. I expect to be replac­ing bar­rels before I need to replace The Neo­Mag.

We are in fact cre­at­ing a new cat­e­go­ry for the reviews sec­tion after test­ing The Neo­Mag and call­ing it ‘Life­time Prod­ucts’. That is exact­ly how long we feel the Neo­Mag is going to last. Graig and Neo­Mag should be proud to have the very first prod­uct induct­ed into a cat­e­go­ry they forced us to cre­ate by offer­ing such a top notch bit of gear.

I’ll be shoot­ing video through­out the month for a good long-run video review and will post that after I have had a good amount of time using The Neo­Mag on a dai­ly basis.

Some of you might ques­tion about keep­ing a loaded mag­a­zine in your pock­et, will it get in the way? Well, if you have ever car­ried a knife in your pock­et, this real­ly isn’t much dif­fer­ent from that. Sure the depth is a lit­tle greater, but it is rough­ly the same amount of room being used by a knife, espe­cial­ly if you have ever car­ried one of the big­ger Bench­made HK autos. We have a cheap auto and an Ontario RAT 1 to show you a size com­par­i­son:

Being designed, pro­duced and sourced from mate­ri­als all in the USA, The Neo­Mag is a def­i­nite win in my book. I will be buy­ing more and don’t be sur­prised if we end up giv­ing a few of these suck­ers away in the future as part of our ongo­ing month­ly give­aways. They are some­thing  that Reload­One will proud­ly rec­om­mend to any­one who is seri­ous about their EDC and the gear they use.

Vis­it The Neo­Mag today to learn even more about Graig, the com­pa­ny and this insane­ly awe­some piece of gear.

Editor’s Rating

Mate­ri­als 9.9
Func­tion­al­i­ty 9.8
Dura­bil­i­ty 10.0
Price 9.2
Longevi­ty 10.0
ReloadOne’s review of The Neo­Mag Pock­et Mag­a­zine Hold­er
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