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Michigan school board proposes gun ban at Kalamazoo public schools

The Kalamazoo Public School board wants to ban guns at all schools within the district (Photo: MLive)

The Kala­ma­zoo Pub­lic Schools Board wants to ban guns at all schools with­in the dis­trict. (Pho­to: MLive)

The Kala­ma­zoo Pub­lic Schools Board intro­duced a pro­pos­al to ban guns from all schools with­in its bor­ders at a meet­ing in the Michi­gan school dis­trict last week.

The board’s pol­i­cy would pro­hib­it staff, stu­dents and vis­i­tors from pos­sess­ing weapons on school prop­er­ty. Only law enforce­ment would be allowed to car­ry weapons under the new pol­i­cy.

Though state law allows gun own­ers with con­cealed car­ry licens­es to open­ly car­ry on school prop­er­ty, the Michi­gan Court of Appeals deci­sion that allowed the Clio Area School Dis­trict to ban guns in its schools has opened it up for oth­er Michi­gan school dis­tricts to enact sim­i­lar bans.

Accord­ing to MLive, banned weapons would include but are not lim­it­ed to the fol­low­ing:

  • Firearms of any type, includ­ing air and gas-pow­ered guns, and ammu­ni­tion
  • Knives and razors
  • Clubs, elec­tric weapons, metal­lic knuck­les and mar­tial arts weapons
  • Explo­sives
  • Any oth­er weapon described in the Michi­gan Revised School Code

The board’s pol­i­cy would apply to any prop­er­ty or vehi­cle owned, con­tract­ed or leased by the school board. The pol­i­cy would also apply at events spon­sored by Kala­ma­zoo schools.

Any­one who vio­lates the pol­i­cy could be referred to law enforce­ment by school super­in­ten­dents or oth­er des­ig­nat­ed school staff.

The school board is set to dis­cuss the pol­i­cy at the next board meet­ing before a vote will occur.
Michi­gan school board pro­pos­es gun ban at Kala­ma­zoo pub­lic schools
Michi­gan school board pro­pos­es gun ban at Kala­ma­zoo pub­lic schools

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