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Meopta announces 34mm MeoTac riflescope for tactical shooting

Meopta's latest riflescope, the MeoTac 3-12x50 RD, was engineered to work best in tactical shooting situations. (Photo: Meopta)

Meopta’s lat­est rifle­scope, the Meo­Tac 3–12×50 RD, is chock-full of fea­tures to entice tac­ti­cal shoot­ers. (Pho­to: Meop­ta)

Optics mak­er Meop­ta dropped a new tac­ti­cal rifle­scope option onto shoot­ers last week with the announce­ment of the Meo­Tac 3–12×50 RD.

Loaded with an array of fea­tures, the Meo­Tac 3 doesn’t skimp on perks.

The 12.6-inch, 34.2-ounce alu­minum scope tube repels scratch­es with its anodized exte­ri­or in addi­tion to being water­proof and fog­proof. The rugged design was engi­neered to work specif­i­cal­ly with tac­ti­cal rifles, giv­ing mil­i­tary oper­a­tives, secu­ri­ty details and tac­ti­cal shoot­ers anoth­er optics option.

Equipped with Meopta’s lens coat­ing MeoLux and com­bined with Schott glass, the Meo­Tac 3 tack­les the most chal­leng­ing light con­di­tions. The com­bi­na­tion of the glass and coat­ing allows shoot­ers to see bet­ter and longer due to a 99.8 per­cent light trans­mis­sion per lens sur­face.

The MeoTac3 offers windage and ele­va­tion ranges of 55 MOA to 100 MOA with click adjust­ments of 1/3 MOA. Tac­ti­cal mil-mil tur­rets with large grips offer detectable pos­i­tive clicks and a zero stop func­tion.

RD illu­mi­na­tion sys­tem fea­tures a dis­tin­guish­able illu­mi­nat­ed red dot ret­i­cle with 16 inten­si­ty set­tings to cov­er all light con­di­tions. The inte­grat­ed illu­mi­na­tion con­trols are locat­ed on the side of the cen­ter of the rifle­scope to allow for quick­er field adjust­ments. Illu­mi­na­tion is switched off after one hour of inac­tiv­i­ty due to the auto-off func­tion.

Meopta’s 34mm Meo­Tac 3 boasts a MSRP of $2,529.99
Meop­ta announces 34mm Meo­Tac rifle­scope for tac­ti­cal shoot­ing
Meop­ta announces 34mm Meo­Tac rifle­scope for tac­ti­cal shoot­ing

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