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Liberty Doll: Hr7115 Sucks And Must Be Killed (My title, not hers)

HR 7115 Is A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Lib­er­ty Doll from YouTube breaks down the non­sense of HR7115, which is noth­ing more than stick­ing in the back hole while aim­ing for the front hole. This is just the next attempt at a new gun ban, in retard­ed terms.

This bill is sup­posed to be aimed at 3D print­ed firearms, when in effect it an almost out­right, blan­ket ban on being able to build guns at home. I espe­cial­ly love when they (gub­mint) try to include “elec­tron­ic com­mu­ni­ca­tions” as part of a ban. This site and most oth­ers will live on in onion land and there is noth­ing they can do about that.

Any­way, watch Lib­er­ty Doll’s great break­down and then act accord­ing­ly. You’ll want to con­tact your Reps or course, but a bet­ter per­son to reach out to my be #POTUS him­self. Let’s see if he real­ly will stand for the Sec­ond and if we can hold him to account they way we have been promised.

Liberty Doll Breaks Down HR7115 — It’s A Ban

I know like most of you, I have been build­ing my own guns since the sun­set of 2004. Once I could buy a stripped low­er of my choice, it was game over from there. I have pur­chased a few pre-built rifles from com­pa­nies like Adams Arms (pis­ton excel­lence), LWRC and so forth, but I have had a much bet­ter time learn­ing the process by pur­chas­ing a Noveske, Spikes or BCM low­er and start­ing from there.

Hold steady, stay true and build on. If we can make our voic­es heard, there is no way this bull­shit bill should pass.

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