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Law Allowing Guns At Texas Colleges Begins Monday

AUSTIN, Texas — Many col­leges, includ­ing the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hous­ton, will allow con­cealed hand­gun license hold­ers to car­ry their weapons into pub­lic build­ings, class­rooms and dorms start­ing Mon­day, which is also the 50th anniver­sary of the mass shoot­ing at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Texas’ land­mark clock tow­er.

The cam­pus-car­ry law pushed by Gov. Greg Abbott and the Repub­li­can leg­isla­tive major­i­ty will make Texas one of a hand­ful of states that guar­an­tee the right to car­ry con­cealed hand­guns on cam­pus.

At U of H, con­cealed weapons are not allowed in all build­ings. The school has what are called exclu­sion zones. The zones apply to all uni­ver­si­ty hous­ing except Cal­houn Lofts.

Besides uni­ver­si­ty hous­ing at U of H, exclu­sion zones include research labs and sports venues. The cam­pus has estab­lished a 24-hour, sev­en-day-a-week secure stor­age area at the cam­pus police sta­tion for gun hold­ers to leave guns when they enter an exclu­sion zone.

Find more infor­ma­tion about the Uni­ver­si­ty of Houston’s “cam­pus car­ry” pol­i­cy here.

UH Police Chief Ceas­er Moore held a news con­fer­ence Mon­day and answered ques­tions about the new “cam­pus car­ry” law.

Full Sto­ry Here:

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