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Kel-Tec monster bullpup shotgun, compact rifle

Kel-Tec’s Chad Enos showed us some of the new guns he’s excit­ed about, name­ly a “mon­stros­i­ty of a bullpup” shot­gun and a com­pact rifle you’ll “put in your bag and for­get about.”

The RDB S mod­el — S for sur­vival — has a 16-inch bar­rel and will come with fold-down sights. Just like the stan­dard RDB, the S mod­el has a short pis­ton and long-stroke oper­at­ing rod. It’s got a cross­bolt safe­ty, opposed to the flip safe­ty found on the stan­dard mod­el. The sur­vival mod­el does not have a pis­tol grip. Enos said it’s designed to go in back­pack or oth­er tight spot, is a great truck gun or one you’d love to take camp­ing or hunt­ing.

The charg­ing han­dle is a side fold­er and non-rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing. It can be put on either side of the gun. The gun has a col­lapsable stock to give you anoth­er few inch­es. It takes stan­dard AR mag­a­zines and is cham­bered in 5.56. The S mod­el MSRP will like­ly be a lit­tle less than the stan­dard mod­el at $1,280 and will be ship­ping third quar­ter this year.

The KSG has an 18.5” bar­rel with a heat shield. It holds 15 shells (a box of two and three-quar­ter shells). It holds 41 mini shells cham­bered — that’s two box­es of min­is. The mod­el was made for Kel-Tec’s Euro friends and is Europe-com­pli­ant. It’s a “mon­stros­i­ty of a bullpup,” Enos said.

It looks big, but it’s a half-inch short­er than an 870,” he said.

It comes with the same thread­ed bar­rel as stan­dard KSG, so you can put a choke adapter on it. It’s got MBUS sights and will come out of the box with a Mag­pul ver­ti­cal grip, Enos said. MSRP is $1,400.
Kel-Tec mon­ster bullpup shot­gun, com­pact rifle
Kel-Tec mon­ster bullpup shot­gun, com­pact rifle

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