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It’s a Matter of Survival’: The Black Americans Fighting for Gun Rights

Dal­las is hot right now,” self-defence activist Eric Ran­dall tells me with a shake of his head. It’s well over 100F in the carpark out­side the strip mall pizze­ria where we’re talk­ing, and the asphalt is rip­pling with haze. But Ran­dall is not talk­ing about the weath­er. He’s talk­ing about his neigh­bour­hood.


Eric Ran­dall on Black Lives Mat­ter: ‘The biggest thing they’re going to car­ry is a bull­horn and a big sign.’ Pho­to­graph: Jason Wil­son for the Guardian

For Ran­dall, who leads one of a small but grow­ing num­ber of groups organ­is­ing and train­ing for the armed self-defence of black areas, the stakes are high. Only 10 days before our sit-down, a young black man named Mic­ah John­son shot 14 police offi­cers in the down­town area, killing five. The increas­ing fric­tion between the black com­mu­ni­ty, the police, and rightwing or white suprema­cist activists who’ve been drawn to Dal­las in the wake of the killings has been notice­able, he says.

Randall’s group may be in a rad­i­cal minor­i­ty, but he is part of a much larg­er body of African Amer­i­can opin­ion which is pro-firearms and pro-sec­ond amend­ment. Not every­one in that cat­e­go­ry shares Randall’s broad­er polit­i­cal views, but many see guns as a way of being safe in a coun­try that is dan­ger­ous for black cit­i­zens.

In Dal­las, the prob­lem is not just the height­ened sus­pi­cion between the black com­mu­ni­ty and the police – though Ran­dall does empha­sise that those rela­tion­ships are “tense, very, very tense”. It’s also that the city sud­den­ly has much more pull for the grow­ing counter-move­ment to Black Lives Mat­ter, which is ris­ing. Two days before our inter­view, rightwing activists had con­vened a White Lives Mat­ter protest down­town.

Read The Full Sto­ry: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/27/african-american-black-gun-rights-second-amendment

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