Holosun Hs510c Four Month Review

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Holo­sun 510C Red Dot Reflex Sight

Holosun 510C Review: Verdict, it’s a winner.

I’ve had the Holo­sun HS510C for a lit­tle over 4 months now and it’s not quite what I expect­ed. It’s bet­ter. So much bet­ter.

Tra­di­tion­al­ly I have used the same Eotech 512 or XPS2 that I sank my mon­ey into years ago when test­ing a new car­bine. They are both great, sol­id per­form­ers and tough as tanks.

How­ev­er, when I was work­ing on the 9mm SBR build, I was real­ly intrigued by the ear­ly pho­tos I had seen of the Holo­sun 510 and decid­ed that would make a good addi­tion to the build and I could, if noth­ing else, get a review out of it.

holosun HS510C, 510C Red Dot Reflex Sight review

Quick­ly below are some of the tech­ni­cals from Holo­sun them­selves.

Holosun 510C Features

• Par­al­lax free with unlim­it­ed eye relief.
• New advanced tech­nol­o­gy LED allows up to 50,000 hours of oper­a­tion on one CR2032 bat­tery
• 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA ring
• Dot only, Ring only, or Dot and Ring ret­i­cle com­bi­na­tions
• Unlim­it­ed field of view
• Tita­ni­um-alloyed, shock resis­tant hood
• Pow­ered by both bat­tery and solar
QD inte­grat­ed

Holosun 510C Specs

Light Source    LED
Ret­i­cle    2MOA Dot & 65MOA Ring
Par­al­lax Free    Yes
Unlim­it­ed Eye Relief    Yes
Mag­ni­fi­ca­tion    1x
Mul­ti-Coat­ings    Yes
Inte­grat­ed Laser    No
Bat­tery Type   CR2032
Bat­tery Life   Up to 50,000 Hours
Bright­ness Set­ting   10 Day­light & 2 NV Com­pat­i­ble
Hous­ing Mate­r­i­al   6061 Alu­minum with Tita­ni­um Hood
Sur­face Fin­ish   MAO
Hous­ing Col­or   Black
Adjust­ment per Click   0.5 MOA
W&E Trav­el Range   ±50 MOA
Stor­age Tem­per­a­ture   -40℉ — 158℉
Work­ing Tem­per­a­ture   -22℉ — 140℉
Sub­mer­sion   IP67
Vibra­tion   Up to 1000G
Win­dow Size   0.91in x 1.2in
Dimen­sion (in)   3.3 x 1.6 x 1.8
Weight (oz)   8.3
Cen­tral Height (in)   1.41

Manufacturer Links

MSRP: $352.93

Street Price: $210

Our Review:

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to the review.

To begin, the 510C is built to take abuse. The upper assem­bly is shroud­ed in a tita­ni­um cov­er which pro­vides a tough-as-hell skin for the glass and inter­nals. It will take more abuse than most of us will ever throw at the unit.

The only parts that aren’t cov­ered by the shroud are the solar cell pan­el and the LED pro­jec­tor. It is after all a reflex sight, so yes, there is a pro­jec­tor send­ing the select­ed image onto the glass for the oper­a­tor to see. There are three options of pro­jec­tion to choose from, Cir­cle, Cir­cle Dot and Dot only. All of them are crys­tal clear and the two low­est set­tings will work with night vision if need­ed.

The solar pan­el is a great fea­ture for help­ing to get the most out of your bat­tery. As long as there is any source of light avail­able you will have an illu­mi­nat­ed ret­i­cle avail­able. Should your bat­tery run out, the solar pan­el it a very wel­come fea­ture. One thing to note is that you have to have a bat­tery installed for the solar pan­el to work. It com­pletes the cir­cuit. If your bat­tery is dead but installed, you’re still good to go.


The 510C has a crisp 2MOA Dot and a 65 MOA Cir­cle. Hold­ing down the Minus (-) but­ton for three sec­onds will cycle through the dif­fer­ent ret­i­cle options. I have mine set on Dot only and right around medi­um bright­ness. This com­bi­na­tion is what Holo­sun prefers to get the most out of bat­tery life. I am very used to only hav­ing a red dot from the Black Spi­der Optics Red Dot I reviewed ear­li­er and have just become used to it. The Circle/Dot is very rem­i­nis­cent of the EOTechs.

Speak­ing of bat­tery life, using the sug­gest­ed set­tings from Holo­sun, a sin­gle CR2032 bat­tery will net you 50,000 hours of bat­tery life most­ly due to Holosun’s ShakeAwake fea­ture (see link above). This allows the oper­a­tor to sim­ply set the sight once to their lik­ing and leave it on. It will auto­mat­i­cal­ly shut itself off, kind of like a sleep mode, after a peri­od of inac­tiv­i­ty. Next time you pick up your rifle it will turn itself back on to your pre­vi­ous set­tings.

The 510C comes with a quick detach mount that will per­fect­ly co-wit­ness with your BUIS. I have tried both Mag­pul Gen 2s and Mag­pul Pros and the co-wit­ness is per­fect. Of course there are windage and ele­va­tion adjust­ments to zero the sight on your gun.

After 4 months I have 700 rounds through the 9mm SBR and I have had zero issues with the 510C. It still holds zero per­fect­ly. I’m still on the first bat­tery. The but­tons on the side still have pos­i­tive tac­tile feed­back and work as they should.

I would say, hands down, for the mon­ey, the 510C is the best option out there for a car­bine reflex sight. This is not a paid review either. I did not receive this from any deal­er nor Holo­sun. I bought this sight with my own mon­ey because, like I said, I want­ed to try it and at bare min­i­mum, get a review out of it. I know we all have to be care­ful where we put our dol­lars. Like you, I want my mon­ey to go to the best prod­ucts my mon­ey can buy, at the best pos­si­ble price.

If you need a new sight, put this at the top of your list to check out in per­son. You won’t be dis­ap­point­ed.


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  1. BobA
    May 9, 2019 at 2:30 am — Reply

    Thanks for the tech specs! I have been research­ing this sight, and have decid­ed to buy it.

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