Emojis don’t kill people, people kill people. Apple reportedly is replacing the gun emoji with a water pistol when iOS 10 rolls out, but Gunmoji plans to hand you a full arsenal instead!

Gun laws, guns talk, and the gun debate dom­i­nates the media these days. And as elec­tions approach, it will only increase. If you haven’t heard, Apple plans to do away with the gun emo­ji on their prod­ucts, but a new app called Gun­mo­ji is here to save the day.

Gunmoji’s bat­tle cry has even been giv­en a hash­tag. #ArmY­our­Phone is the phrase and it is pret­ty catchy. Apple gave in to all the polit­i­cal pres­sure and plans to replace the black pis­tol emo­ji we have all come accus­tom to with a lit­tle green water gun.

Below is a pic­ture of the future if you hadn’t seen it yet. Ridicu­lous, we know.

Pho­to via Befor­e­It­sNews

Emo­jis in con­text are a “lan­guage”, and if Apple attempts to erase these, it is actu­al­ly a type of cen­sor­ship. This brings up some scary ques­tions on how far it could and it might go.

Accord­ing to Gunmoji’s web­page, they state “we type the let­ters G-U-N will they be auto-cor­rect­ed to S-U-N, P-U-N, or F-U-N or not shown at all?” It is an inter­est­ing top­ic and con­cern. All in all, it is just a lit­tle pic­ture, but it is just anoth­er jab that is infring­ing on what we believe in as the gun com­mu­ni­ty.

If you want to stay in the loop and be informed when Gun­mo­ji is released, check out Gunmoji’s web­site and get signed up!

Based off the images, these emo­jis look super real and super legit! Detailed shot­guns, rifles, and pis­tols fill the screen.

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