Florida Man” Uses Glock Handgun To Shoot Lionfish

GULF OF MEXICO, Fla. — A Braden­ton man is being hailed by Out­doors 360 for “chang­ing the under­wa­ter game” for using a mod­i­fied Glock hand­gun to kill inva­sive lion­fish in the Gulf of Mex­i­co.

A video pro­duced by Go Fish Pro­duc­tions and post­ed on YouTube by Court­land Hunt shows the con­vert­ed handgun’s suc­cess at killing lion­fish at point-blank range.

Accord­ing to the video post, the idea start­ed as an exper­i­ment to see if he could fire a hand­gun underwater.but “evolved into much more with the right peo­ple involved.” Hunt, while under the super­vi­sion of gun shop Air­borne Arms, Inc. of Plant City and parts sup­plied by Lone Wolf Glock Parts mod­i­fied the weapon to include a longer bar­rel and non-tox­ic lead free ammu­ni­tion.

While the lion­fish is con­sid­ered a high­ly destruc­tive species to our marine ecosys­tem and boun­ties have been offered in annu­al lion­fish hunts spon­sored by the Flori­da Fish and Wildlife Con­ser­va­tion Com­mis­sion, the sport killing of lion­fish by uncon­ven­tion­al means pro­voked some YouTube and Face­book com­menters to ques­tion fir­ing ammu­ni­tion in the direc­tion of coral reefs.

Some com­menters also jok­ing­ly referred to poten­tial back­lash from the ani­mal rights com­mu­ni­ty, though as of Fri­day there were no com­ments sup­port­ing the lion­fish in this bat­tle between nature and man.

*Editor’s note: Killjoys find a way to ruin yet anoth­er thing. +1 for Flori­da.

Judge Kenneth Walker would dump all guns in the ocean. Therefore, we know he hates sealife.
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