Deejo Knives Are The New Gentlemen’s Cool

If you are over the age of 30, you will prob­a­bly have a mem­o­ry of your Grand­fa­ther or Father emp­ty­ing his pock­ets after com­ing home from a days work and amongst the change and keys there was a pock­et knife in the mix. I am lucky enough to have a few of my Grandfather’s two blade pock­et fold­ers. They are hands down my favorite knives I own.

Recent­ly I decid­ed that I should take a look around and find a “gentlemen’s knife” that fits in with my life style. Need­less to say, there are too many choic­es. Since I already own my Grandfather’s pock­et knives, I knew I didn’t want nor need to replace them. I was on the hunt to find some­thing that reflects a more mod­ern design and add a touch of class. Well, as classy as a guy who still nev­er turns down a Chichar­rón can be.

I first start­ed doing the easy search: Two blade pock­et knives and land­ed square­ly on the Buck Knives 375 Deuce. It’s a clas­sic design. But that is also it’s biggest down­fall to me. It’s a clas­sic. While still func­tion­al as all get out, it would be lost in the mix and there is noth­ing to make it worth writ­ing about.

Buck Knives 375 Deuce. Awesome classic design.

Buck Knives 375 Deuce. Awe­some clas­sic design.

I also came across the Case Cut­lery Jade Whit­tler, but again it’s a clas­sic design. Don’t get me wrong, clas­sics are called that for a rea­son. They hold up to tra­di­tion­al stan­dards, excel at key activ­i­ties and bring home a sense of nos­tal­gia that we need. At some point in every young person’s life, they real­ize just how roman­tic the west­ward expan­sion of the Unit­ed States must have been, minus all the death and let’s face it some seri­ous geno­cide. But sit­ting on a front porch and whit­tling con­front­ed by big sky coun­try dawns and sun­sets strikes a chord in our hearts. There will always be a draw to the more rur­al influ­ences in our lives.



Case Cutlery 22774 Jade Bone Half Whittler

Case Cut­lery 22774 Jade Bone Half Whit­tler


Know­ing that my search was going to return most­ly these same style results, I did actu­al research and talked to oth­er human meat-space occu­piers. I reached out to a group of folks with whom I have a decade or more expe­ri­ence in par­tic­i­pat­ing in the inter­ests and gen­er­al­ly try­ing to out-do one anoth­er. Name­ly, my bud­dies.  Scott, I’m still wait­ing on your infor­ma­tion by the way, but you were late to your own wed­ding, so I get it…

I laid out the idea in three sim­ple steps.

  1. It has to be a mod­ern design.
  2. It has to have a wood han­dle.
  3. It has to be under $100.

My “focus group” (yes, I laugh at call­ing them that too) actu­al­ly con­sists of a wide vari­ety of back­grounds, job titles and eco­nom­ic and geo­graph­i­cal sit­u­a­tions. I enlist­ed a com­put­er sci­en­tist, an offi­cer, a mechan­ic, a music pro­duc­er, a CPA and a restau­rant man­ag­er. That is a pret­ty strong cross sec­tion of Amer­i­can cul­ture. Although, again Scott, I’m not going to give away your posi­tion and we all know why, but man a lit­tle par­tic­i­pa­tion ain’t going to hurt.

Let me begin by say­ing, NO ONE READS THE RULES (with the same inter­nal mono­logue as myself). So I had to go back and ask most of them to start over. I had to refine the cri­te­ria to let them know I was think­ing more about a mod­ern inter­pre­ta­tion of the clas­sics. Only one came close to meet­ing the require­ments I set out, so he gets the big bot­tle of Wood­ford this Christ­mas.

Most of the orig­i­nal choic­es came back with tac­ti­cal knives which is my fault because I said “mod­ern design”. We cov­er tac­ti­cal enough. I get it that mod­ern think­ing auto­mat­i­cal­ly links every­thing with tac­ti­cal, but that is why I specif­i­cal­ly chose to find myself a new knife. I have tac­ti­cal. I have exot­ic. I have clas­sic. I’m look­ing for new, ele­gant, with­out break­ing the bank.

So with a lit­tle email butt-kick­ery, I got every­one on the same page, with plen­ty of bitch­ing includ­ed for free. It was a bit like try­ing to wran­gle sheep in a field, with­out a dog, sit­ting in a kayak.

But then it hap­pened. The email sub­ject line was sim­ply “This. Douche. It cuts cheese well.” I knew some­thing mag­i­cal was about to hap­pen.


deejo4 deejo5 deejo6 deejo1 deejo2 deejo3

One of my cohorts is in a posi­tion to trav­el quite a bit. I am supreme­ly jeal­ous of this fact. He knows this.

But he sent me a link to a com­pa­ny called Dee­jo. I had nev­er heard of Dee­jo before. I knew noth­ing about them, but when I loaded their site, it struck me with the force of a dozen ex-girl­friends all get­ting togeth­er and com­par­ing notes. Pow­er­ful crit­i­cism for not know­ing any­thing about indi­vid­ual wants or needs. And Dee­jo makes some very pret­ty things. So, right up there, with the shal­low field of per­son­al reflec­tion I have lived dur­ing my ear­ly years of life.

Enough of me explain­ing the ‘Douche’ in the email sub­ject.

Deejo Knives

Go there. Go right now to http://my.deejo.fr. I’m not jok­ing. Well, back it up. Click play on the video below by Clutch and then go. Do it now.

Dee­jo is fea­tur­ing their Tat­too line right now and you can cus­tomize a knife, scratch that, a work of art to fit your lifestyle.

It meets all the require­ments. Wood han­dle, check. Mod­ern design, check. Under $100, chick­i­ty-check. More impor­tant­ly than all of that is look at the thing! It is beau­ti­ful. The min­i­mal­ist design, while bring­ing nature into the pic­ture is sim­ply gor­geous.

They offer three dif­fer­ent sizes, how­ev­er you have to do the Google con­ver­sion thing as an Amer­i­can. Seri­ous­ly, I will nev­er get cen­time­ters. Ugh. Ugh, ugly Amer­i­can I guess.

The 15g is rough­ly 5.5 inch­es in over­all length. The 27g is rough­ly 7 inch­es in over­all length and the 37g is 8.6 inch­es in over­all length. Depend­ing on how you would like to car­ry, the choic­es offer a lot of room for oppor­tu­ni­ty.

I use my dai­ly car­ry for every­thing from cut­ting open box­es to slic­ing food, to gut­ting fish. All depends on the dai­ly activ­i­ty. I also live in a very harsh envi­ron­ment where it comes to exposed met­als. This is going to be the even­tu­al down­fall of the Dee­jo.

The blade and frame mate­r­i­al is 420HC steel. While good enough with care in most locales inside the Unit­ed States, I hap­pen to live in between the Atlantic Ocean and The Gulf of Mex­i­co on a very thin par­cel of land. It is going to require a lot of addi­tion­al atten­tion to keep it rust free and sharp. I kind of live for this stuff, so my knife will fair well, how­ev­er, if you don’t keep on top of it, you’ll end up with a rust­ed door wedge in a short amount of time. Con­sid­er your­self warned.

My Deejo

Let’s revis­it my orig­i­nal state­ment. I want­ed a Gentlemen’s Knife that reflects my own lifestyle with cer­tain pro­vi­sions. Classy, to a degree, and a mod­ern take on the pock­et knife.

I went through the design process on Deejo’s web­site, which is actu­al­ly insane­ly sim­ple. I picked what feels like a mid-life cri­sis clas­sic for me. Juniper wood slin­gle with a Mer­maid ‘Sea of Love’ blade tat­too, sim­ply because of where I live. I was able to cus­tomize a lit­tle fur­ther with ‘ER1C ☠ R3L04D 0N3′ on the frame. Which come on, is awe­some. Seri­ous­ly, go play with the Dee­jo design­er. If you don’t care about all that, you can find the Dee­jo on Ama­zon for a very respectable price of around $38. I end­ed up pay­ing about twice that for mine with the cus­tomiza­tions.

My cre­ation was built and shipped in two days. I received it on the third. Seri­ous­ly. From France to my island in three days. I’m going to include every pic­ture I took in the gallery below. Some will look like dupes, but let’s face it, awe­some needs more pho­tos.

This is not going to be the knife for every­one. It is weird. It has an odd shape. It won’t fit some of your hands cor­rect­ly.

That being said, it is per­fect­ly bal­anced. I mean per­fect­ly bal­anced to the 50/50 side of per­fect. It is light. It is nim­ble like a cen­tipede. Ha.

I soaked in it Lucas oil and had to sharp­en it as soon as I received it, but now I know it has a sol­id month of pro­tec­tion before I need to give it a good clean­ing.

The 420HC could and should be improved upon, no doubt. But for a mass pro­duced, NOT FROM CHINA, knife, this moth­er is a per­fect solu­tion for a dai­ly use, no non­sense, with some sense of style, pock­et knife. Yes, I am a fan and I am going to buy the rest of the sizes to include in my col­lec­tion.

For $65 cus­tomized to your door in three days, this should be a seri­ous con­tender for your con­sid­er­a­tion. Did I men­tion that they actu­al­ly went out and found the ASCII font of the skull in my name with­out ques­tion? They went that far to make me hap­py. So drop a few bucks and get this. I want to see a Dee­jo rev­o­lu­tion in the US. Yes, the owe us big time, but we can still help out the coun­try because we are Amer­i­cans and that is what we do.

Put this thing in your suit pants. You will thank me. And you will be able to cut the cheese.

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