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Crowder Proves: Anti-Gunners Really Don’t Know Shit

From Bre­it­bart -

Commentator Steven Crowder recently set up a booth and pretended to push gun control in order to test the knowledge of everyday Americans who support more gun laws.

In short order it was evi­dent that peo­ple approach­ing his booth chose what should be legal and what shouldn’t based on whether the guns had brown wood­en stocks or black plas­tic ones, and the vast major­i­ty sup­port­ed a ban on “ful­ly semi­au­to­mat­ic” firearms.

Of course, the phrase “ful­ly semi­au­to­mat­ic” is sim­ply anoth­er way to say auto­mat­ic semi­au­to­mat­ic; a non­sen­si­cal con­tra­dic­tion. Crow­der used the phrase to show that gun con­trollers will go along with any­thing.

Crowder’s inter­ac­tion with the gun con­trol sup­port­ers was cap­tured on video. Crow­der called his fic­tion­al gun con­trol group, “Cit­i­zens Coali­tion for Com­mon Sense Gun Reform,” and quick­ly demon­strat­ed that peo­ple could be talked into ban­ning any gun that they believed was not suit­ed to hunt­ing. More­over, when Crow­der regur­gi­tat­ed false gun con­trol talk­ing points, the peo­ple believed them and signed his gun ban peti­tion.

Crow­der would say things like, “Have you heard of the AR-15? That’s the bad one.” Adding, “What is it, like 98% of mass shoot­ings use AR-15?” In real­i­ty, FBI fig­ures show over two times as many peo­ple are killed with fists and feet each year than are killed with rifles of any kind. But peo­ple did not flinch when Crow­der said these things. They just agreed with ban­ning the guns and signed the peti­tion.


Peo­ple stood and not only lis­tened as Crow­der pushed “bul­let reg­u­la­tion” and “com­mon sense clip reg­u­la­tion,” but they showed will­ing­ness to sup­port these laws and bans as well.

The worst part of it was that the vast major­i­ty of the indi­vid­u­als who approached Crowder’s table knew noth­ing about guns and admit­ted to not own­ing or even shoot­ing a gun. Yet they were will­ing to sup­port sweep­ing bans based on the guns’ cos­met­ic fea­tures or the false infor­ma­tion Crow­der was pur­pose­ly throw­ing at them to high­light their igno­rance.

In one of the fun­ni­est exchanges in the video, Crow­der tells an old­er gen­tle­man: “So these peo­ple are break­ing in, com­mit­ting crimes, and we’re just try­ing to fight it with some com­mon sense reg­u­la­tion so crim­i­nals don’t break the law.” The gen­tle­man respond­ed by talk­ing about how the NRA is “unreg­u­lat­ed” and accused the gun rights group of “being the lousi­est keep­er of guns in the coun­try.” Crow­der went right along with the gen­tle­man, respond­ing in kind, cer­tain that he had found the per­fect par­tic­i­pant for a prank video intend­ed to show that gun con­trol sup­port­ers will believe any­thing.


Full Sto­ry Here: http://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2016/08/20/video-exposes-gun-controllers-supporting-ban-fully-semiautomatic-firearms/

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