The NeoMag magazine pocket clip review. 97.8%
29 Aug 2016

NeoMag Review: Securing A Pocket Full Of Awesome

Some­times I’m a lit­tle late to the game. I start­ed see­ing a trend on Insta­gram of this cool lit­tle giz­mo called the Neo­Mag a while back but nev­er real­ly paid that much atten­tion to it because, for the most part, there was a whole bunch of awe­some going on in each pho­to.

12 Aug 2016

Columbine: The “Pearl Harbor” of Active Shooter Events

From  Evo­lu­tion­ary Event in Response Pro­to­cols Just like the attack per­formed by Charles Whit­man in Austin, Texas from “The Texas Tow­er” in 1966, the attack per­formed by Har­ris and Kle­bold in Lit­tle­ton, Col­orado at Columbine High School in 1999 had a long term major impact on law enforce­ment response

Mike Vanderboegh, of Pinson, Ala., mimicked holding a rifle as he spoke under a Capitol portico during a rally by gun-rights advocates in 2015 in Olympia, Wash. File photo by Elaine Thompson The Associated Press
11 Aug 2016

The Original #III%-er Dies At 64

Mike Van­der­boegh, a long­time leader in the “Patri­ot” move­ment, died Wednes­day in Alaba­ma after a lengthy bat­tle with can­cer. He was 64. Van­der­boegh also was founder of the “Three Per­centers,” who vow to use force if nec­es­sary to resist what they see as oppres­sive gun-con­trol laws. Van­der­boegh and his sup­port­ers

31 Jul 2016

Perfecting The Shot: Sheriff’s Office Hosts Firearms Training Class

Cullman’s Susan and David Wise have nev­er been gun peo­ple. Until a recent late-night scare at their home, nei­ther had ever giv­en much thought to own­ing — let alone learn­ing how to use — a firearm. For­tu­nate­ly, that late-night scare turned out to be harm­less nois­es in the dark; a

27 Jul 2016

Dozens of Women Drawn to Monongahela Firearms Instruction Event

MONONGAHELA – A group of almost 40 local women rang­ing in age from ear­ly 20s to late 80s gath­ered Sat­ur­day at Val­ley Inn Sports­man Asso­ci­a­tion in Monon­ga­hela to learn gun safe­ty and to prac­tice shoot­ing firearms. Wendy Karem shoots an AR-15 rifle with the help of instruc­tor Chuck Augen­stein. Mor­gan

27 Jul 2016

It’s a Matter of Survival’: The Black Americans Fighting for Gun Rights

Dal­las is hot right now,” self-defence activist Eric Ran­dall tells me with a shake of his head. It’s well over 100F in the carpark out­side the strip mall pizze­ria where we’re talk­ing, and the asphalt is rip­pling with haze. But Ran­dall is not talk­ing about the weath­er. He’s talk­ing about