08 Jan 2017

Czech Gov. Tells It’s Citizens How To Fight Terrorists: Shoot Them Yourselves

From Wash­ing Post — A cou­ple of months ago, Czech Pres­i­dent Milos Zeman made an unusu­al request: He urged cit­i­zens to arm them­selves against a pos­si­ble “super-Holo­­caust” car­ried out by Mus­lim ter­ror­ists. Nev­er mind that there are few­er than 4,000 Mus­lims in this coun­try of 10 mil­lion peo­ple — gun pur­chas­es spiked. One

Mossberg MVP LC chambered in .308 is a very overlooked gem. 94.5%
06 Aug 2016

Unsung Hero: #Mossberg #MVP-LC .308

For many shoot­ers look­ing to get into the dis­tance game the choice is easy. Drop a lot of coin. A lot alot. If you spend any amount of time on shoot­ing forums, you’ll get opin­ion after opin­ion on the best round, the best chas­sis, the best man­u­fac­tur­ers and the list

30 Jul 2016

My Alternative #HILLARYJAWS InfoWars.com Entry

This ver­sion is the rea­son I absolute­ly don’t trust her and despise her. Nev­er for­get U.S. Ambas­sador, J. Christo­pher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doher­ty.  

25 Jul 2016

Terrorism Is About Ideology, Not Guns

From Israel: In deny­ing the role of Islam­ic rad­i­cal­ism, Mr. Oba­ma seems more con­cerned about shield­ing extrem­ists from crit­i­cal scruti­ny than pro­tect­ing U.S. cit­i­zens from ter­ror­ism. Matthew M. Haus­man is a tri­al attor­ney and writer who lives and works in Con­necti­cut. A for­mer jour­nal­ist, Mr. Haus­man con­tin­ues to write on