In yet another attempt to fuck us all, the democrats are playing with the backdoor.
06 Sep 2016

State Dept. Attempts Backdoor Gun Control

Sev­er­al Repub­li­can sen­a­tors have sent a strong­ly word­ed let­ter to Sec­re­tary of State John Ker­ry in an attempt to pre­vent back­door gun con­trol efforts by the State Depart­ment, Bre­it­bart News reports. The sen­a­tors, Tom Cot­ton and Chuck Grass­ley among them, are upset that the State Department’s Direc­torate of Defense Trade

Aging Supreme Court leaves a lot of unanswered questions about gun rights. Elect Trump.
04 Sep 2016

Supreme Court Picks Hike Stakes In Election Fight

From Day­ton Dai­ly News — The win­ner of the pres­i­den­tial elec­tion could name as many as three U.S. Supreme Court jus­tices, which could re-shape the court ide­o­log­i­cal­ly in a man­ner not seen since Pres­i­dent Ronald Rea­gan named three con­ser­v­a­tive jus­tices in the 1980s. Although legal schol­ars warn in this deeply

Arizona Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich talks to supporters at the Republican election night party Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
04 Sep 2016

AZ AG: Guns Are Allowed At Private Schools

From AZ Cen­tral — Arizona’s pri­vate ele­men­tary, mid­dle and high schools can allow guns on cam­pus, accord­ing to a new Ari­zona Attor­ney General’s Office opin­ion. Sen. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chan­dler, request­ed the legal opin­ion sev­er­al months ago. He got his answer late Fri­day. Accord­ing to Attor­ney Gen­er­al Mark Brnovich, state and fed­er­al

Gun Rights Advocates Push Back on Gun Ban in VA State Offices
01 Sep 2016

#2A Advocates Push Back on Gun Ban in VA State Offices

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Sev­er­al gun rights advo­cates are crit­i­ciz­ing Gov. Ter­ry McAuliffe’s move to ban con­cealed hand­guns in state-owned office build­ings. Advo­cates a pub­lic hear­ing Wednes­day in Rich­mond said the governor’s exec­u­tive order is mak­ing the state less safe and more vul­ner­a­ble to a mass shoot­ing. McAu­li­ffe issued an

California Gun Owners Dig In To Fight “Gunmageddon” On November Ballots
25 Aug 2016

Cali Gun Owners Dig In Fighting “Gunmageddon”

From Bear­ing Arms — The hip­pie fas­cists of California’s leg­is­la­ture rammed through a raft of anti-gun leg­is­la­tion this past ses­sion designed to tor­ture law­ful gun-own­ing cit­i­zens. Gov­er­nor Jer­ry Brown signed “Gun­maged­don” into law, but California’s gun own­ers aren’t going down with­out a fight. Bar­ry Bahra­mi went from incred­u­lous to angry

Smart Gun are actually quite dumb. Chris Christie gets that.
25 Aug 2016

No Smart Guns Because of a New Jersey Law

From Philly­Mag — Gun-rights sup­port­er Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have repealed it because it would’ve insti­tut­ed a new gun law Christie called “offen­sive.” Chris Christie yes­ter­day vetoed a bill that would have required New Jer­sey gun deal­ers to car­ry at least one “smart gun” for sale. Christie

Gov. Nikki Haley holds ceremonial signing of Georgia gun reciprocity bill, for the second time
24 Aug 2016

Gov. Haley Signing of Georgia Gun Reciprocity Bill, Again

NORTH AUGUSTA — For the sec­ond time this sum­mer, Gov. Nik­ki Haley has made a show of sign­ing leg­is­la­tion twice. Both times it played to the state’s con­ser­v­a­tive base. In June, she trav­eled to an Upstate Chris­t­ian school for chil­dren with dis­abil­i­ties to re-sign a state law that banned abor­tions

Only Chicago thinks one more law will end it's gun violence.
24 Aug 2016

Because Chicago — New Gun Control Law Targets Violence

Editor’s Note — First, it’s from CNN. Sec­ond, only Chica­go would think even more laws will do some­thing to stop the vio­lence they expe­ri­ence. When will the ass­hats final­ly under­stand that vio­lent crim­i­nals don’t care or adhere to any law they make? From Satan CNN — The gov­er­nor of Illi­nois

Court rules Campus Carry in Texas can stay in place. A win for Second Amendment advocates.
23 Aug 2016

Texas Courts: Pipe Down Profs, Campus Carry Holds

From — A fed­er­al judge on Mon­day refused to issue a pre­lim­i­nary injunc­tion in the law­suit by three Uni­ver­si­ty of Texas pro­fes­sors who do not want legal con­cealed car­ry in their class­es. With the state’s new cam­pus car­ry law tak­ing effect this month, the pro­fes­sors kept a promise of lit­i­ga­tion

Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2
21 Aug 2016

3D Printed Guns: More Freedom, Less Government

From New Amer­i­can — With Cody Wil­son, the founder of Defense Dis­trib­uted, a com­pa­ny that sells both soft­ware and hard­ware allow­ing indi­vid­u­als to make firearms at home, is get­ting more atten­tion thanks to his pend­ing law­suit against the gov­ern­ment. In light of this, Thor Ben­son with the lib­er­al anti-gun Dai­ly Beast,