Is the Kineti-Tch Trigger right for your Glock? 99%
09 Feb 2017

Kineti-Tech Glock Trigger Review

Can you improve upon per­fec­tion? Any­one who has a Glock pis­tol knows that they are per­fect the way they come from the fac­to­ry. Any shoot­er, with min­i­mal train­ing can pick one up, study and under­stand the three points of safe­ty and become pro­fi­cient in under 10 min­utes. That is what

Arsenal Stryk B 9mm pistol pre-order
03 Feb 2017

Pre-Ordered: Arsenal Stryk B 9mm!

Ever since I laid eyes on the Arse­nal Strike One, I was in love. The Ital­ian man­u­fac­tured, Russ­ian Spe­cial Forces pis­tol just screamed “Com­rade, you must pur­chase me”. But I didn’t. I should have. But I didn’t. The Strike One is about the length of a Glock 17 (pos­si­bly L)

15 Nov 2016

Local Gun-Carrying Restrictions May Be Wiped Out Under Trump

From The­Guardian — If Con­gress pass­es a fed­er­al right-to-car­ry law, New York tourists could find them­selves able to car­ry con­cealed weapons around the city With Don­ald Trump in the White House, tourists from oth­er states may soon be able to bring their guns to shops of Fifth Avenue, the plaza

12 Sep 2016

Project Glock September Update

Our Project Glock is com­ing along. We are just down to a slide, which we are going to snag from L2D to fin­ish it off. Here’s the break­down of what we have put togeth­er so far: Glock 19 Gen 4 Ghost 3.5lb Ulti­mate Trig­ger Con­nec­tor Ghost Com­plete Spring Kit Vick­ers Extend­ed

The Microtech UTX-85 S/E OTF Dual Action Auto 94.8%
06 Sep 2016

Review: Microtech UTX-85 & Giveaway!

This is going to be our pre­miere give­away for BASE 12 Mem­bers in Octo­ber! So sign up soon for your chance to win! Learn more about BASE 12 here and get in on the action! The first thing you notice about the UTX-85 is that they have def­i­nite­ly put more

The most boring job for a photographer ever. Elmax steel ladies and gentlemen.
05 Sep 2016

Is ELMAX Steel Really That Good?

There’s a lot of hub-bub about knife steel. Always. The more you read, the less you know. It’s like try­ing to get a con­sen­sus on a gun forum. Ever try that? Yeah it isn’t fun. But there is a new­er con­tender for King of the Hill in blade steel and