Is the Kineti-Tch Trigger right for your Glock? 99%
09 Feb 2017

Kineti-Tech Glock Trigger Review

Can you improve upon per­fec­tion? Any­one who has a Glock pis­tol knows that they are per­fect the way they come from the fac­to­ry. Any shoot­er, with min­i­mal train­ing can pick one up, study and under­stand the three points of safe­ty and become pro­fi­cient in under 10 min­utes. That is what

Reciprocity right thing for state gun licenses
29 Jan 2017

Reciprocity Right Thing For State Gun Licenses

From Tra­cy Press — With the elec­tion of Don­ald Trump as our pres­i­dent, gun rights advo­cates are get­ting all fired up at the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a nation­al con­cealed car­ry reci­procity bill. Car­ry­ing a con­cealed weapon has long been reg­u­lat­ed by the indi­vid­ual states. In New York or Illi­nois, it is

17 Dec 2016

The Constitution May Require States To Recognize Each Other’s Firearms Permits.

From Nation­al Review — It seems like­ly that Trump’s vic­to­ry, cou­pled with the Repub­li­can major­i­ty in Con­gress, may soon bear fruit for many gun own­ers. Though the pres­i­­dent-elect is more than a month away from tak­ing office, reports are already cir­cu­lat­ing about leg­is­la­tion draft­ed by Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Richard Hud­son (R., N.C.)

03 Dec 2016

Florida Expansion Of Gun Rights Possible In Upcoming Session

From Sun Sen­tine — lBe­fore long, you could find your­self walk­ing up to a tick­et counter in an air­port behind some­one legal­ly car­ry­ing a firearm. The same on a col­lege cam­pus. Or in your kids’ school. Flori­da law pre­vents con­cealed car­ry per­mit hold­ers from car­ry­ing their weapons in more than

OSU students want the right to carry on campus.
01 Dec 2016

After Terrorist Attack, OSU Students Want The Right to Carry On Campus

In the wake of the hor­rif­ic Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty knife inci­dent that left 11 peo­ple injured and the sus­pect killed, an OSU stu­dent orga­ni­za­tion is tak­ing mat­ters into its own hands— the stu­dents’ right to self-defense, to be more spe­cif­ic. Image Cred­it: Stu­dents for Con­cealed Car­ry Buck­eyes for Con­cealed Car­ry on Cam­pus, a

Democrats vow to filibuster national reciprocity
01 Dec 2016

Democrtas Vow Filibuster On National Reciprocity

From — The fig­ure above shows the 32 states that hon­or a Penn­syl­va­nia con­cealed car­ry per­mit (res­i­dent).  Inter­est­ed read­ers can look up where oth­er state per­mits are hon­ored here. Since the Novem­ber 8th elec­tion, there has been some hope that nation­al reci­procity for con­cealed hand­gun per­mits would be sim­i­lar

15 Nov 2016

Local Gun-Carrying Restrictions May Be Wiped Out Under Trump

From The­Guardian — If Con­gress pass­es a fed­er­al right-to-car­ry law, New York tourists could find them­selves able to car­ry con­cealed weapons around the city With Don­ald Trump in the White House, tourists from oth­er states may soon be able to bring their guns to shops of Fifth Avenue, the plaza

Permitless carry is a ntural born right.
06 Oct 2016

More States Allowing Permitless Carry: Self Defense A ‘Natural Born’ Right

From The Wash­ing­ton Times — Amid the ris­ing num­ber of Amer­i­cans licensed to car­ry a con­cealed hand­gun, more states are pass­ing laws that don’t require a per­mit to car­ry firearms, embrac­ing the view that self-defense is a “nat­ur­al born” right. Mis­souri became the fourth state this year to approve a

Discrimination against gun owners.
06 Oct 2016

Refusing Gun Owners Service Is Discrimination

From Nia­gra Gazette — You’ve heard enough about the first debate. Hillary won it, Don­ald lost it. How many times did he fran­ti­cal­ly ask some­body — any­body! — to call Sean Han­ni­ty? So let’s talk about inequal­i­ty instead, but not the ver­sion we con­stant­ly hear about dur­ing the cam­paign, about

Armed citizens could help prevent mass shootings.
25 Sep 2016

Gun Rights Advocates React To Mall Shooting

From NW New Net­work — Gun rights advo­cates say Fri­day night’s dead­ly shoot­ing at the Cas­cade Mall in Burling­ton, Wash­ing­ton is an exam­ple of why law-abid­ing cit­i­zens should con­sid­er arm­ing them­selves and why malls and busi­ness­es shouldn’t ban firearms on the premis­es. “If there would have been a pro-Sec­ond Amend­ment