Cain Arms Glock Magazine Extension Initial Review — 3D Printing Perfected?


Over the last month, I have been test­ing the Cain Arms Glock Mag­a­zine +6 Exten­sion.  I had my first con­ver­sa­tion with David Cain, own­er of Cain Arms, in the begin­ning of Feb­ru­ary, 2017. I was curi­ous about his abil­i­ty to offer mag exten­sions so at such an afford­able price. He let me know that he had come up with a great design and that 3D print­ing had made the mar­ket avail­able to his com­pa­ny at a rea­son­able price for every­one.

Short­ly after our first con­ver­sa­tion a pack­age arrived. I thought it would be a test­ing mod­el. What David sent me were three dif­fer­ent mag­a­zine exten­sions, in three dif­fer­ent col­ors. He also includ­ed an AR15 angled fore­grip he has designed. I was not expect­ing that at all. Gen­er­al­ly when we receive a prod­uct for test­ing it is one of the exact item we had dis­cussed, so huge cud­os to David.

I looked them over. Care­ful­ly. If you go back and look at any of the videos from Cody Wil­son and what he was try­ing to accom­plish when he first start­ed print­ing AR15 low­ers from the files avail­able on his Defense Dis­trib­uted web site, you’ll see why “back in the day” there might have been some trep­i­da­tion. Since that time, 3D print­ing mate­ri­als and process­es have got­ten a lot bet­ter. I was imag­in­ing the bot­tom fly­ing off under a full load on 21 rounds. Thank­ful­ly that isn’t even close to an issue.

What struck me first was the shini­ness of the 3D print­ing. I hadn’t expect­ed that. I have seen and han­dled a lot of 3D print­ed objects, most­ly curiosi­ties, and the mate­r­i­al always seemed dull. How­ev­er, the 3D pieces from Cain Arms have a very nice tex­ture and look. They have the com­pa­ny logo  print­ed, or rather, un-print­ed (my fan­cy-ass word for neg­a­tive boolean space) on the side. Nice touch.

On their web site they have sev­er­al videos, one of which is the instruc­tions on installing the exten­sions:

If you have ever dis­as­sem­bled a Glock mag­a­zine you know it can be a pain in the rear to remove the base plates because of those tabs on either side. Do away with them! They are annoy­ing. Most of the base plates we have test­ed have you do the same thing.

Over the course of test­ing, I was sur­prised more and more with the fit and fin­ish. I did how­ev­er run into one snag. In the video you can see that you can run the mag­a­zine exten­sions with­out the inner floor plate to get the max­i­mum capac­i­ty from the exten­sion. Stretch­ing the spring is offered as a solu­tion. How­ev­er, while remov­ing the inner plate allows you to add plus 6 to your total car­ry, I was hav­ing an issue with the slide not return­ing ful­ly to bat­tery on the last round. This was reme­died by pur­chas­ing heavier/stiffer mag­a­zine springs. Now the mag­a­zines feed flaw­less­ly up through 21 rounds.

I will have a com­plete review after spend­ing more time with the Cain Arms exten­sions and a com­par­i­son with sev­er­al oth­er brands. As for this first round of test­ing they have proven to be extreme­ly durable, a great fit and a per­fect com­pli­ment to our project Glock 19. The extra capac­i­ty makes trips to the range that much more fun.


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