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Breaking: First Gun Confiscation Killing Reported in Maryland

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This is absolutely tragic. Police officers in Anne Arundel County, Maryland arrived at a man’s home to confiscate his guns under the state’s Red Flag law. When he answered the door holding a gun, a fight ensued and they shot him dead.

For months, we have been warn­ing you about the so-called “red flag” bills that are being passed in states around the coun­try. These laws allow fam­i­ly mem­bers, friends, and even com­plete strangers to turn gun own­ers into police to have their firearms con­fis­cat­ed. It is then up to the gun own­er to prove that he or she deserves the right to keep and bear arms. It com­plete­ly turns the jus­tice sys­tem on its head. Under these laws, gun own­ers are pre­sumed guilty until proven inno­cent.

On Mon­day morn­ing, police offi­cers in Anne Arun­del Coun­ty, Mary­land showed up con­fis­cate 60-year-old Gary J Willis’ guns. A fam­i­ly mem­ber had called police and asked them to sus­pend Gary Willis’ gun rights, and the local police depart­ment was more than hap­py to oblige.

When the pound­ing on the door began at 5:17 am, Gary showed up to his door hold­ing a firearm. When he saw it was police, he put the gun down to talk to them. But then, the offi­cers informed him they were there to con­fis­cate all of his weapons.

Imag­ine how you would feel. You wake up out of a sound sleep to pound­ing on your door. You grab a gun in case it is a crim­i­nal, but it turns out that the police are there to con­fis­cate your guns with­out even accus­ing you of com­mit­ting a crime…

Gary Willis refused to com­ply with the con­fis­ca­tion order. That is when the fight broke out. Dur­ing the strug­gle, one of the weapons dis­charged. Police, fear­ing for their lives, opened fire on Gary Willis, killing the 60-year-old man in his own home.

Gary Willis was not charged or even accused of com­mit­ting a crime. All of this hap­pened because one extend­ed fam­i­ly mem­ber told police she was wor­ried that he was dan­ger­ous. No evi­dence, no proof… just one person’s word. And now, an inno­cent man is dead.

This is the future if Paul Ryan and the estab­lish­ment Repub­li­cans get their way. They are work­ing with Democ­rats on a nation­wide “red flag” bill autho­rize these kinds of gun con­fis­ca­tions across the coun­try.

And once the midterm elec­tions are over, they are promis­ing to ram it through!

Do not let them do this! Send your and instant let­ter to Con­gress right now and force them to kill this nation­wide gun con­fis­ca­tion bill before it’s too late!

Gary Willis lived in the home with oth­er fam­i­ly mem­bers, includ­ing his niece Michele Willis. She told reporters that she had no idea why this hap­pened. “I’m just dumb­found­ed right now. My uncle wouldn’t hurt any­body.”

The full report hasn’t been released yet, but we know that this man was not being charged with a crime and was not being invol­un­tar­i­ly insti­tu­tion­al­ized. Police showed up to his home at 5 o’clock in the morn­ing to con­fis­cate his guns based on noth­ing but hearsay. One of his extend­ed fam­i­ly mem­bers decid­ed to turn him in to police. Gary’s niece said the red flag order stemmed from a fam­i­ly argu­ment. It was just “fam­i­ly being fam­i­ly,” in her words.

Maryland’s red flag law went into effect on Octo­ber 1. In just over a month, 114 peo­ple have had their guns con­fis­cat­ed with­out any due process and now one per­son is dead.

Today, 13 states have enact­ed these red flag laws. Every­where it is imple­ment­ed, it is being abused. Democ­rats are demand­ing that the GOP help spread this pro­gram nation­wide. We now live in a coun­try where police can show up at your door with a gun con­fis­ca­tion order based on noth­ing but hearsay and if you refuse to give up your God-giv­en right to keep and bear arms, they can shoot you dead… And the GOP thinks this is okay.

Months ago, the GOP admit­ted what they were plan­ning. One con­ser­v­a­tive Con­gress­man — Flori­da Rep. Fran­cis Rooney — went on record and admit­ted that “some free­doms are going to have to be giv­en up.”

When we hear this gun con­trol rhetoric, it is so easy to assume that they’re not talk­ing about us. But now, there’s a 60-year-old man dead in his own home, not because he com­mit­ted a crime. His only crime is that he believed the Founders when they promised that the “right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Regard­less of today’s elec­tion out­come, the GOP is mov­ing on gun con­trol in the next week or two. Reps. Fred Upton (R-MI) and Deb­bie Din­gell (D-MI) have also intro­duced the bill (HR 5717) in the House. Sen­a­tor Mar­co Rubio (R-FL) is work­ing on a Sen­ate ver­sion of the House’s con­fis­ca­tion bill.

We’re out of time. We need to stop this gun con­trol push in its tracks before it’s too late!

Stop the establishment’s gun con­trol sur­ren­der! Send your and instant let­ter to Con­gress right now and force them to kill this nation­wide gun con­fis­ca­tion bill before it’s too late!

The amaz­ing thing is that gun con­trol activists actu­al­ly see what hap­pened in Mary­land as a vic­to­ry. Gary Willis nev­er got his day in court. He was nev­er giv­en a chance to defend him­self or con­front his accuser. He was nev­er charged with a crime and owned his guns legal­ly.

Police showed up at his door ear­ly in the morn­ing because one of his fam­i­ly mem­bers told police he could pose a “dan­ger to him­self or oth­ers.” No evi­dence, no proof… just the fam­i­ly member’s opin­ion.

But now he’s dead because he stood in the way of the Left’s gun con­fis­ca­tion push. The whole pur­pose of the 2nd Amend­ment is to give law-abid­ing Amer­i­cans the pow­er to defend them­selves. But under this law, prepar­ing for self-defense even jus­ti­fies dis­ar­ma­ment…

This is the “com­pro­mise” that the GOP has in mind over gun con­trol. Usu­al­ly, com­pro­mise implies both sides giv­ing ground in order to get some­thing they want. But when it comes to gun con­trol, “com­pro­mise” means they are only going to chip away at some of your rights. Instead of giv­ing into the Left’s demands for mas­sive gun bans or gun own­er reg­istries, Ryan and the GOP want to “com­pro­mise” by open­ing the door for rad­i­cal, unsub­stan­ti­at­ed gun con­fis­ca­tions like what hap­pened in Mary­land.

The Democ­rats believe they have the votes to pass this rad­i­cal plan. All they need is for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to sched­ule the votes.

The Founders knew a day would come when brave patri­ots would need to stand up for their rights. This is one of those moments.

Shall not be infringed” means noth­ing if you aren’t will­ing to fight for it!

You MUST stop them! Send your and instant let­ter to Con­gress right now and force them to kill this nation­wide gun con­fis­ca­tion bill before it’s too late!

Fight back,

Joe Otto
Con­ser­v­a­tive Dai­ly

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