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Bloomberg, Keep Your Hands Off Nevadans’ Gun Rights

Bil­lion­aire Michael Bloomberg is once again try­ing to use his wealth and influ­ence to push through anti-gun leg­is­la­tion out­side his home state of New York. This time his sights are set on Neva­da, where he has suc­ceed­ed in get­ting a ques­tion onto the upcom­ing Novem­ber bal­lot.

A “yes” vote on Neva­da Ques­tion 1 sup­ports requir­ing all firearm trans­fers to take place through the agency of a licensed deal­er, with both par­ties present and a back­ground check con­duct­ed. Please note that this applies to all trans­fers, not just sales—meaning a Neva­da res­i­dent wouldn’t be able to gift a trea­sured heir­loom gun to a child with­out get­ting an FFL hold­er involved.

This mea­sure would do much to crim­i­nal­ize oth­er­wise law­ful activ­i­ties by gun own­ers who do not under­stand the new restric­tions, but there is no indi­ca­tion that they would stop crim­i­nals from acquir­ing guns—especially since arms traf­fick­ers tend to rely heav­i­ly on straw pur­chas­es, in which an indi­vid­ual capa­ble of pass­ing a back­ground check pur­chas­es firearms for the pur­pose of pass­ing them along to crim­i­nals.“What Bloomberg is doing is going to make crim­i­nals out of law-abid­ing cit­i­zens.” — Sher­iff Ron Unger, Lan­der Coun­ty, Neva­da

Now the par­ents of a high-pro­file mur­der vic­tim are speak­ing out to let the nation know that this mea­sure would have done noth­ing to pre­vent their son’s death. I spoke to Art and Cin­di Clark, who lost their son Bran­son, a 20-year-old col­lege stu­dent, when he was shot exe­cu­tion-style after deliv­er­ing a piz­za. Now they are angry to see his death held up as a jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for stricter gun con­trol. “Mur­ders have been against the law since the begin­ning of time,” said Art. “No law has stopped mur­der.”

I also heard from Sher­iff Ron Unger of Lan­der Coun­ty, who like­wise oppos­es the mea­sure. “If that crim­i­nal wants a gun, he is going to go get a gun, peri­od,” he said. “What Bloomberg is doing is going to make crim­i­nals out of law-abid­ing cit­i­zens.”

Please lis­ten to the mes­sage deliv­ered by the griev­ing par­ents of Bran­son Clark and, if you are reg­is­tered to vote in Neva­da, vote “NO” on Ques­tion 1. Join the oth­er states that have told Bloomberg to take his mon­ey and his mouth back to New York.

Please watch my video on Neva­da Ques­tion 1 and the mur­der of young Bran­son Clark here. For more infor­ma­tion, vis­it the “Vote No on Ques­tion 1” web­site.

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