BLACKLIST Glock Ultra Match Barrel Review

I spent a lot of time look­ing at match bar­rels for my G19. All the usu­al sus­pects received a lot of con­sid­er­a­tion, Agency, Zev and S3F etc.

While there is noth­ing real­ly wrong with the fac­to­ry Glock bar­rel, I still thought there might be a lit­tle room for improve­ment on my group­ings. That actu­al­ly comes from two dif­fer­ent “parts” and then a whole bunch of mess­ing around with grip and stance mechan­ics.

Blacklist Drop In Ultra Match Barrel for Glocks

Black­list Drop In Ultra Match Bar­rel for Glocks

The two parts are the bar­rel and replac­ing the gawd-awful fac­to­ry sights. I replaced the sights with Ameriglo IDot Pro night sights, which is reviewed here, and the bar­rel with the BLACKLIST Drop In Ultra Match Thread­ed Bar­rel in tita­ni­um nitride. Gold baby, gold.

The Black­list bar­rel is a pret­ty darn impres­sive piece of gear. They are machined from a cer­ti­fied 416R stain­less steel bar and are insane­ly strong. This is a true drop-in bar­rel. No mod­i­fi­ca­tions of any kind are required. Just replace and go.

The bar­rels are recess crowned for incred­i­ble accu­ra­cy and flut­ed. Black­list ships the thread­ed mod­el with a very nice thread pro­tec­tor which match­es the coat­ing you choose and includes sev­er­al addi­tion­al rub­ber gas­kets in case you where yours out when screw­ing on a sup­pres­sor.

Any ammu­ni­tion, includ­ing +P is eat­en up and spit out eas­i­ly. The match cham­ber pre­vents any unwant­ed back pres­sure that could ruin your fac­to­ry bar­rel.



  • Com­pat­i­ble: Gen­er­a­tions 1 — 4
  • Mate­r­i­al: 416R Stain­less Steel
  • Twist: 1/10
  • Drop in: Yes
  • Thread (if select­ed): 1/2 x 28 w/ GX-1 Thread Pro­tec­tor
  • Non-Thread­ed (if select­ed): Factory/Regular Length
  • Rifling: Pulled Broach
  • Cham­ber: SAAMI Spec Ful­ly Sup­port­ed
  • Thread pro­tec­tor: Includ­ed with all thread­ed bar­rels in a match­ing fin­ish.
  • Minor Fit­ting Need­ed: No

The pack­ag­ing is great as well. It comes shipped from either Black­list direct­ly or a dis­trib­u­tor in a plas­tic clamshell box with a foam insert. You’ll also receive a nice PVC BLACKLIST hook and loop patch.

The tita­ni­um nitride coat­ing cleans up eas­i­ly and real­ly holds the stain­less steel. After sev­er­al hun­dred rounds, there is bare­ly any mar­ring on the bar­rel and even the rifling still looks great. It real­ly holds up to wear.

Prob­a­bly the best thing about the BLACKLIST is that they aren’t try­ing to rip any­one off. You can find them on sale at sev­er­al online sell­ers from $184.99. Reg­u­lar retail price is $219. I don’t know how long they will remain on sale, but I’d jump on one if you are look­ing to upgrade the per­for­mance of your Glock.

They offer bar­rels for Glock and Smith & Wes­son M&P. Vis­it their site to see if they have one that match­es your needs. You can choose thread­ed or plain, dif­fer­ent fin­ish­es and the thread pitch, depend­ing on your needs.

I decid­ed to make one small change to mine. I added a Voodoo thread pro­tec­tor to give me the look I was after. How­ev­er the thread pro­tec­tor that is shipped with the bar­rel is very clean in design and func­tion as well.


If you are look­ing to upgrade your accu­ra­cy and look good doing it, the BLACKLIST Ultra Match is some­thing you real­ly need to look at close­ly. You’d be hard pressed to find a bet­ter val­ue any­where.


Monthly membership is only $2.50
Annual membership is just $25.00 – 12 months for the price of 10



Editor’s Rating

Fit 100%
Fin­ish 99%
Accu­ra­cy 97%
Afford­abil­i­ty 96%
Qual­i­ty 99%
Review of the BLACKLIST Drop In Ultra Match Bar­rel for Glock Hand­guns.
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