Beginning The SBR Process, A Study In Patience

On Jan­u­ary 19th, 2017, the day before Pres­i­dent Trump was sworn into Office, I had my own big day. After 22 years of own­ing firearms and lov­ing every minute of the sport, edu­ca­tion and train­ing aspects of the cul­ture, I took my first big step.

The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.”
― Leo Tolstoy

Many of you have already gone down this road. For me, this was the first time I have decid­ed to head into the ter­ri­to­ry know as NFA-USA.

I recent­ly picked up an ATI Mil Sport 9mm AR style pis­tol. I can thank Eric from IraqVeteran8888 (YouTube) actu­al­ly for his cov­er­age from the 2016 SHOT­Show. I had been look­ing at this mod­el through­out most of last year after watch­ing his footage, but it took me a while to 1) find one in stock and 2) find one in stock that wasn’t priced high­er than the MSRP.

As it arrived. The stock ATI Mil Sport 9mm AR.

As it arrived. The stock ATI Mil Sport 9mm AR.

IraqVeteran8888 also has a good video about the Mil Sport.

After a lot of search­ing, I final­ly found one at a very fair price so I snatched it up.

I imme­di­ate­ly had to do two things. I added a reg­u­lar AR pis­tol buffer tube to it (the one that came with it was just slight­ly larg­er than 1″) and I added a KAK Indus­tries Shock­wave Brace. And I thought I would be hap­py. I real­ly did. How­ev­er there are issues.

KAK Industries Shockwave Blade

KAK Indus­tries Shock­wave Blade

While the Shock­wave looks okay on the pis­tol and gives you the air of look­ing like an SBR, I found it extreme­ly annoy­ing to try and shot as a pis­tol and putting the pis­tol up to my cheek, I kept feel­ing as though I would nev­er get the right posi­tion sim­ply because I couldn’t seat the brace on my shoul­der.

The ATI Mil Sport 9mm AR after replacing the buffer tube and adding the Shockwave Blade brace.

The ATI Mil Sport 9mm AR before replac­ing the buffer tube and adding the Shock­wave Blade brace.


My groups where not good. At all. It is just an uncom­fort­able expe­ri­ence for me. So the deci­sion was easy. Time to enter the ATF den and sub­mit the paper­work and mon­ey required to get that legal SBR — short bar­reled rifle — sta­tus.

For those who don’t know about sub­mit­ting your paper­work for an SBR, it is daunt­ing at first. How­ev­er, a quick read through of the offi­cial ATF guide to the Form 1 and a lit­tle research on Google will pro­vide you with all the infor­ma­tion you need to suc­cess­ful­ly get through it. There are two ways to go about reg­is­ter­ing your SBR. You can file as an indi­vid­ual or as a trust. I chose to go the indi­vid­ual route. The choice is yours. Check out the great infor­ma­tion on Gun Trust Guru for most of the details. The infor­ma­tion con­tained there will apply to either indi­vid­u­als or trusts.

The ATI Mil Sport is an awe­some pack­age and a lit­tle time spent on Google will return results on where to pur­chase one. For the mon­ey ~$750 it is hands down one of the best options for a 9mm AR Style pistol/rifle. You would be hard pressed to build one cheap­er by pur­chas­ing parts and assem­bling it your­self.

One of the best resources I came across dur­ing my research is the NFA sub­red­dit. Not only do these guys have all the answers, but they also do one oth­er great thing. They will post their wait times for the paper­work to clear. It seems that most appli­ca­tions (bar­ring any mis­takes) are tak­ing about 7.5 months to receive approval and for the tax stamp to be issued.

So this exer­cise in patience has begun for me. I went to my Sheriff’s Office and got my fin­ger­prints done, filled out the Form 1 (2 copies) and sent in my check for $200, made out the BATFE on the 19th.  If things go on the same sched­ule as oth­er people’s have, I am guess­ing mid-Sep­tem­ber I should receive my approval and then the fun begins. I get to go shop­ping again for all of the bolt-ons. But man, that is 7.5 months I have to wait.

I’ll keep updat­ing as the process goes along. Let me know if you have filed your NFA Form 1 or Form 4 paper­work before and how long it took for you to receive your approval.


ATF Form 1 — online ver­sion to print at home.
Order ATF Forms (Free) — Form 1 & Fin­ger­print Cards
Gun Trust Guru — instruc­tions on fill­ing out the Form 1
NFA Sub­Red­dit — best resource for get­ting your ques­tions answered

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