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Body Armor Matters

You know, there are a lot of rea­sons for you to own body armor, espe­cial­ly in the time we live in today. When you watch the news, you see sto­ries from all over the globe with unrest right there, front and cen­ter.

Think about a the pos­si­bil­i­ty of hav­ing to bug in for an extend­ed peri­od of time, at some point, you may need to leave your safe area, whether it’s your home, your neigh­bor­hood or even town to gath­er sup­plies, infor­ma­tion, or to make trades.

Hav­ing body armor makes those sit­u­a­tions much less risky and a sur­viv­able propo­si­tion.

If you’re watch­ing this, you more than like­ly already have a gun to defend your­self which means you want to be pre­pared in the event some­one may be point­ing a gun at back at you. Why wouldn’t you want armor in that sit­u­a­tion? It makes a far bet­ter sec­ond invest­ment than buy­ing anoth­er gun if you’re look­ing to pro­tect your own life.

What if you have a high risk job like deliv­ery dri­ver, or are a late shift work­er who car­ries mon­ey or deposits, what about work­ing in a court house, at a bank or unfor­tu­nate­ly, even a school.

Or how about if you just went through a very bad and abu­sive rela­tion­ship with an ex who has made threats of vio­lence? For women espe­cial­ly, a good safe­guard is hav­ing body armor to pro­tect them­selves in this event.

Some of us can’t help but live in a bad area known for vio­lence or break-ins. Your fam­i­ly, your kids more than like­ly will not prepre­pared to fight with you to pro­tect the fam­i­ly. Leav­ing them even for a few sec­onds demands that they have pro­tec­tion from what­ev­er sce­nario is play­ing out. Short of hav­ing a safe room in
your house, con­do or apart­ment, body armor offers them the best chance at sur­viv­ing.

What hap­pens in the event of Civ­il unrest or mar­tial law. Look around our soci­ety today and it is easy to see that we are close to liv­ing in a coun­try with­out the rule of law. The pos­si­bil­i­ty exists that a city could be over­run by a group with an out­law men­tal­i­ty, where the city admin­is­tra­tion, not the police, decides that an area can be hand­ed over to mob rule. Look at what hap­pened recent­ly in Bal­ti­more.

Worse yet, A grow­ing threat of insur­gency is in our coun­try. While Democ­rats want to call them refugees, the are most­ly mil­i­tary aged men who leave their own coun­tries in droves. Instead of fight­ing for their own coun­try, they are either com­plete punks, or they are leav­ing for a dif­fer­ent rea­son. Look at what is hap­pene­ing in Ger­many, France and the UK for exam­ple.

Home defense. You have prepped for every­thing else, you have food and water, stores of med­i­cine and your firearms. Body armor should be includ­ed. If you have to bug in to avoid the out­side world until order is restored, you will need to defend your home and prop­er­ty from peo­ple look­ing to steal from you or just do harm. With­out body armor, you are only as good your aim and still what if there are more than one or two intrud­ers?

Last­ly, there is always Wash­ing­ton. It seems there is an end­less amount of back-room dis­cus­sion in Wash­ing­ton to com­plete­ly pre­vent ‘We the peo­ple’ from pro­tect­ing our­selves. The Democ­rats espe­cial­ly want us to be defense­less. They are try­ing to place an out­right on civil­ian own­er­ship and use of body armor. More proof that Wash­ing­ton doesn’t see us as peo­ple, rather their sub­jects. They see every­thing that is meant to pro­tect your­self as an item that every­one will use instead in an offen­sive man­ner.

We will post­ing part 2 tomor­row where we cov­er BAM Body Armor and dis­cuss the prod­uct.

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